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LENSCRATCH 4th Annual Favorite Photographs of 2012 Exhibition

How did the year go by so fast?  2012 went by in the blink of an eye and the snap of a shutter, but it was a year rich in imagery, ideas, and community. I have to begin this exhibition with a big thank you to all who participated and shared a special image, and an even bigger thank you to Grant Gill and Sarah Stankey who keep me sane with their incredible efforts with LENSCRATCH–my gratitude is endless.
Hundreds of photographers sent in images and there are 5 pages of posts….at the end of each page click on “Older Posts” to keep going. I hope you are inspired by today’s offerings and look forward to what next year will bring. Happy Happy 2013!
Aline Smithson, Heads, Los Angeles, CA
Gloria Baker Feinstein, Waterfront Park, Portland, OR
Jess T. Dugan, Erica and Krista, Chicago, IL

Lydia PanasMaria + Corinne, Kutztown, PA

Jerry Atnip, River Rats 1, Smoky Mountains, TN

Suzanne Révy, Foam, Elmore, VT

Bruce Morton, Drifting #73, Adams County, IL

Cody Swanson, In the Balance, Anchorage, AK

Vicki Hunt, Entrance, Redneck Riviera, AL

Hank Hauptmann, Untitled, Boston, MA

Michael Sakasegawa, Baking, San Diego, CA

Paris Visone, Bella’s Birthday, Lunnfield, MA

J.M. Golding, Knowing you are in the World, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Ellen Jantzen, Incorporating Memory
Strive to make visual that which has no visual nature.

Andreas Wirthmueller, In the Shadow of the Church, Lauf a.d.Pegnitz, Germany

Joni Kabana, Selam, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
To add more color into my B/W style.

James Stephenson, Dashing into Fall, Miami, FL

Val Patterson, First Love, Los Angeles, CA

Heather Oelklaus, My House, Colorado Springs, CO

Sam Comen, Simon Redditt, Age 105, in his apartment on Central Avenue in South Los Angeles,
Los Angeles, CA

Aaron Hobson, Adirondacks, USA

Susan Burnstine, The Long Road Home, Astoria, OR

Jesse Cawood, Yellow Brick Road, Nashville, TN

Rania Matar, Clara, Beirut, Lebanon

Andi Schreiber, The Bather, Scarsdale, NY
To know that the most important moment is always right now. 
Joyce Westrop, Town, Ottawa, Canada 

Hans Bauer, A Brief History of the Crusades, Lithuania

Khaldoun Makhoul, Walking on a Giant, Quito, Ecuador

Stacy L. Gardner, Alone Together, Loveland, CO

Eleonora Ronconi, Josie, Los Angeles, CA

Nancy Baron, The Morning Papers, San Francisco, CA

Heidi Lender, Lady, Kingman, AZ

Tom Griscom, Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Tom M Johnson, Spencer and Kevin, Long Beach, CA

Jaime Permuth, Commuter, Staten Island Ferry, NY

Debi Bradway, Aging Gracefully, Death Valley, CA

Anne Berry, Eja’s Twins, Wuppertal, Germany

Curtis Koshimizu, Avenger, Guizhou, China

Valery Rizzo, Silly String, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY

Lauren Grabelle, Untitled, Bigfork, MT
To not Surrender

Leslie J. Yerman, Buddha by Candlelight, New York City, NY

Hannah Kozak, The trees above my father’s grave, Los Angeles, CA

Darnell Bates, Simply Green, Crescent City, CA

David Shults, Christy Cashman for Callula Lillibelle, New York, NY

John A. Benigno, Philadelphia Bridal, Center City, Philadelphia, PA

Ann Mitchell, Meditation, San Francisco, CA
I’d like to share: Life is short…act like it!

Donna Rosser, Wolfie, My Backyard
To be more organized.

Zhentian Shen, The Third Party, Springfield, MO

Jeremy Nix, Colfax & High, Denver, CO

Kevin McCollister, Charles, Los Angeles, CA

Angie McMonigal, Untitled 8847, Chicago, IL
I seem to have the same resolutions every year, hopefully each year improving on the previous year at least a little bit. My goal is to find a better balance between my photography and my family. And to get to the gym more often. 

Jack Taylor, Medicine Cabinet, Newcastle Upon-Tyne, England

Harvey Zipkin, Delf, Holland

Ivan McClellan, Skogafoss, Skogar, Iceland
Fly to Istanbul with my girlfriend and photograph everything!


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