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The 2015 What I Looked Like as a Child Exhibition


Kelly Flynn, Cowboy, Argyle, TX

I am so excited to share today’s exhibition, What I Looked Like as a Child, because not only does it provide fodder for some good laughs, but it also connects us deeper as a community.  Revealing who we were often helps explain who we are and I thank you for sharing your a little bit of your past.  Thank you also to our terrific Lenscratch Exhibition Editor, Sarah Stankey, for her days of hard work putting together the pages.  There are FOUR pages to this exhibition, so keep going!  When you are done enjoying this exhibition, we’d love you to submit to the next one: Who and What I Love, to run on Valentine’s Day (due date February 4th)…you are welcome to add a line or two of text and use it as your own Valentine…and anyone that wants to use Lenscratch for a marriage proposal, we can accommodate you! – Aline Smithson


Lisa McCord, Lisa in Bra, Osceola, AK


Tammy Wilson, Photographer, GA


Jeff Charbonneau , New York


Louie Despres, Me at 8, Worcester, MA


Jane Fulton Alt, My World at Six, FL


Donna Rosser, First Selfie-ish, Photobooth, VA


Sandra Klein, Pete Pan Pharmacy, South Plainfield, NJ


Patricia Addleman, Patty in Swing, Charlotte, NC


Bill Yates, Mr. Dreamy Mid-1950’s, Jacksonville, FL


Mark Pariani, Product of the 80’s, Laguna Beach, CA