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2013 LENSCRATCH Self-Portrait Exhibition with a Twist

Happy Valentine’s Day.  I thought it was an appropriate day to share self-portraits and start spreading a little love around our photo community, or at least make some new friends.  As you know, if your work is featured in this post, you are asked nicely to contact the photographer whose work is directly above and below your image.  The exciting thing is that hidden within this amazing onslaught of photographers are a couple of significant movers and shakers in the photo world that might be a important connection to make, plus a ton a international potential friendships. Thank you for sharing yourselves and for being open to the idea of community.

I thought I’d tell you a story about connections and what a simple e-mail can produce.  In my classes, I always encourage students to contact a photographer they admire and let them know that their work moved them in some way.  One of my students, Rina Shapira, read about Cole Thompson on LENSCRATCH and decided to reach out to him as his work had a profound affect on her. Cole graciously returned her e-mail and over the course of a year, the two struck up a friendship.  Rina is a docent at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles and started thinking that Cole’s work would be a terrific exhibition and approached the powers that be about exhibiting Cole’s work in the museum. So as the way that good karma works, last Sunday, Cole opened a show to record setting crowds and it was all because he responded to an e-mail from a photographer he didn’t know.  Stranger things have happened.

This is a massive post with FIVE pages…keep going (Click Older Post) when you get to the end of a page.  A HUGE thank you to Grant Gill and Sarah Stankey for all their efforts in putting this together. So, enjoy your day, enjoy your images, enjoy other people’s images and spread a little love….and feel free to let me know what happens…might just write a post about it!


Aline SmithsonMy first self-portrait, Santa Barbara, CA

Joseph D.R. OLeary, A Brother’s Loss, Minneapolis, MN

Stephanie Cosby, The Aquarium Shoot, Memphis, TN 

Cole Thompson, Self Portrait at 20 Degrees,  Washington, D.C.

Robyn Arouty, The Before, Houston, TX

Ellen JantzenNo Botox NeededSt. Louis, MO

J.M. Valdivia, Mirror, Miami, FL

Francesca Solloway, Self Portriat #7, Southampton Solent University

Stacie Turner, Self Portrait with Light Leak, West Hartford, CT

Akihiro FurutaDog sings, too., Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan

Gonzalo Bénard, Self Portrait with Bird and Wolf, Paris, France

Katie KotiIcarus, New Haven CT 
Saige Rowe, Humlight, Conyers, GA 

Vicki Hunt, Watered Down, Atlanta, GA

Michael Hartsock, Angst, Springdale, AR

Kristy CarpenterBicycle, Bronson, MI

Julia Vandenoever, Laid Off, Boulder, CO

Christophe Dillinger, Self with typewriter, Shawbirch, UK
Alexandros Lambrovassilis, The Sitting Chair, Upper East Side, NY

    Ivanna Vidal, Fill the Void, Miami, FL   

Gina KellyLake Superior, Duluth, MN

Dawn Blanchfield, Swollen, Lincoln, CA

Maggie MeinersGoddamn Sherpa, Chicago, IL

Sheri Lynn BehrWhat You See, Chinatown, NY

Jess DuganSelf-portrait (hotel), 2012, Bloomington, IN

Keely WeilandSelf #3, From the series Bloom, Portland, OR

Dee Barrett, Fly, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Stephanie Danatransformation 2009, CA

Louie Despres, bathroom series #87, Worcester, MA

Walter Beckham, Self Portrait with Clare(foot on the squeeze bulb), Perdido Key, FL

Badr Safadi, how much of yourself do you reveal?, Saudi Arabia

Hannah Leanne WilliamsAbused Hope, Snellville, GA

Matthew Blazi, Shadow Portrait, Palmyra, PA 

Stephanie Sydney, Self Portrait in a Buddha, Beverly Hills, CA

Panos Lambrou, Dark Sparkle, West Orange NJ

Paul Matzner  “me/working”  New York City

Charles Mintz, Edith, Cleveland, OH

Yorgos Efthymiadis, Self Portrait, Cambridge, MA 

Jocelyn Allen, Untitled, London, UK 

Nikos Efstratiou, self-portrait, Cologne, Germany

Brad Telker, Focused, Kansas City, KS

Jennifer Kaczmarek, Mother and Child, Palm Coast, FL 

Sandra Louise Dyas, Self-Portrait with Caroline, Iowa City, IA

Natalie Arriola, Everything That Keeps Me Together is Falling Apart, Clovis, CA

Brett Suemnicht, Untitled 2012, Milwaukee, WI 

Jorge Galvez, Home Alone #01, Winchester, MA

Cade Overton, The Hotel, Charlotte, NC

Heidi Lender, On a Break, New Orleans, LA

Christian Spearns, Pomegranate Heart, Hamilton, ON

Adriana Reyes Newell, Cara Espejo, Santa Fe, NM

Troy Colby, Held Back, Beloit, KS

 Meredith Amadee, The Art of Letting Go, Tucson, AZ

Megan Shaughnessy, Hallway No.1, 2012, Arlington, MA

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