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2012 LENSCRATCH Animals Exhibition

Needless to say, we all love our animals, and this exhibition is evidence of what they mean to our lives. Thank you to all who have submitted to this call–you’ve given us insightful and delicious images to enjoy. Don’t forget about the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day call for submissions…a great way to celebrate those in your life who have meaning — old family photos are fine too!

The 2012 Lenscratch ANIMALS Exhibition

Bootsy Holler, The Egg, Los Angeles, CA

Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Frog Day, 2011, Wichita Falls, Texas

Carrie McCarthy, Gorilla Blues, Albuquerque Zoo, NM

Shawn Gust, Floating Deer, Fernan, Idaho

Sally DeFord, Surprise Rooster, Grand Junction, Colorado

Gina Kelly, Wicket, Burnsville, Minnesota

Santiago Vanegas, Iceland #354, Iceland

Zach Lynch, Sonia, Greenfield Center, NY

Janella Mele, Mya, Byfield, MA

Meg Birnbaum, Roslindale, MA

Cynthia Wood, Oh sweet bird of youth, South San Francisco, CA

Malina Chavez, Together Forever, Nashville Zoo, Nashville, TN

Lori Bell, Dog with red mittens, Greenwich Village New York City

Dan Gerber, ps:009 (playscapes), Stillwater, MN

Marc Ward, At The Beach, various TN & FL locations

Christa Blackwood, Schlomo & Mister Softee, Austin, Texas

Karen Carson, Street Kitties, San Francisco, CA

Vicki Hunt, Sister-Girls, Prattville, AL

Sean Pietzsch, Untitled, Panama City, FL

Yvette Meltzer, Medusa (Sea Jelly), Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL

Brian Van de Wetering, Off Leash, San Diego, CA

Kay Larkin, Watch Out, Portland, OR

Patricia A. Bender, Oed’s Tail, Somerset, NJ

Margot Wood, Buffalos In The Mist, Yellowstone National Park

Dianne Duenzl, Shearing Day, Santa Fe, NM

Sarah Lokenvitz, Lick in Time, Charles City, IA

Ben Barnes, Black Cat, New Orleans, LA

Bronwen Hyde, fur from flesh, Hospitalfield, Arbroath, Scotland

Jo Ann Chaus, Dogs on Patrol, Wellington, FL

Kristin Zabawa, Symbiosis, Deer Island, OR

Jamie Johnson, The Monkey and the Monk, Katmandu, Nepal 2012

Mary Jo Hoffman, found in my backyard in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Alicia Goodwin, Mi Hijo, Akumal Pueblo, Mexico

Lisa Bevis, Red Dog Black Dog, Monterrey, CA

Claire Mallett, Flamingos, Los Angeles, CA

Ivan Urate, Like Animal, Alava, Spain

Cat Gwynn, SIT, from Dharma Punx/ Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, Los Angeles, CA

Emma Powell, Dusk, Ames, IA

Ray Carns, Bison, Grand Teton National Park, WY

Carol Watson, Silly Llama, Johnson City, TX

Garry Loughlin, Untitled, Siena, Italy

Deb Schwedhelm, Hairy Escape, Tampa, FL

Alessandra Tecla Gerevini, The skull, Garnett, SC

James Luckett, Suginami 11, Suginami, Tokyo, Japan

Dennis Stewart, Gidget, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Lacey Terrell, from The Passing Ring series, on the road with the Culpepper & Merriweather Great Combined Circus

Paris Visone, Tigger mad at Bella, Peabody, MA

Mary Ann Lynch, Homemade Sausages, Brooklyn NY 2011

Asia Kepka, Theater Bear, Berkshires, NY

Alice M Waraxa, This is Too High, Milwaukee, Wi

Deena Feinberg, Bunny, Columbia County Fair, NY

Sarah Malakoff, Untitled Interior (fur wall), Boston, MA

Carl Bowden, Elk in RMNP,, Rocky Mtn. Ntl. park 2009

Patrick Cobb, Untitled, Minneapolis, MN

Kat Kiernan, Untitled, Boston, MA

Mark Page, Dalmation, Manchester UK

Pamela Zilly, The Horse Before the Cart, Antigua, Guatemala

Tori Ashton Quemada, Brutus, Austin, TX

Sara Fields, Nevermore, Austin, TX

Randy Karg, A Face Only a Mother Could Love, Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Mound City MO

Panos Lambrou, Red Iguana, Cozumel

María Beatriz Núñez, Smile, Monterrey, CA

Ryan Hoffman, Trout, Bear Canyon Lake, Arizona

Suzi Livingstone, Fawn, Alexandra Palace, London

Lori Pond, Lakshmi’s Feet, Pondicherry, India

Lisa Blair, Roosi, Santa Fe, NM

Martín Batallés, untitled, Arequita, Uruguay

Gabriela Costoya, untitled, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Alan Leder, Heels and Hooves, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Frank Biringer, 11san10-5547, Stord, Norway

Carol S. Dass, The Albany, Colorado Springs, CO

Erin Malone, Modernist Cats, San Francisco, CA

Robert Welsh, Mendo and Cissy, San Francisco, CA

William Dunn, Taxidermistry, Kremmling, CO

Laurie McCormick, Frenzy, Alaska

I-Hsuen Chen, Untitled, from the series Nowhere in Taiwan, Taiwan

Lindsay Blatt, Icelandic Horse, Iceland

Winky Lewis, #1 from the series, “Shy Dinosaurs”, Portland, ME

Susan Barnett, The Elephant, Venice Beach, CA, 2010

David Severn, Dogs and their owners playing in the snow, Pleasley Pit Nature Reserve, former Pleasley Colliery (Derbyshire, UK)

Cynthia Bittenfield, Dog and Sandals, Oaxaca, Mexico

Anne Arden McDonald, Natural History Museum, NYC

Ellen Toby Slotnick, Brown Lemur (Eulemur Fulvus), Andisabe, Madagascar

Nelson Armour, Under the Tree, Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Harvey Hanig, aardvaark, Brookfiled Zoo, Riverside IL

Anne Berry, Hippopotamus, New Delhi, India, 2011

Monica Denevan, Mythical Lions, Burma

Ellen Rosen, Butterflies, San Francisco, CA

Rana Nicole Young, Seagull Eating French Fries, Seaside, OR

Bea Fresno, Untitled from the project “Santa Teresa”, Durazno, Uruguay

Robert Norbury, Doberman and Friends, Mill Moor Road, Meltham, Holmfirth, England

Terri Gold, Racing with the Wind, Wyoming

Emma Kisiel, Dead Dog Off Highway 160, Outside Tuba City, AZ, on the Navajo Nation

Nataly Rader, Pig, San Diego Sea World

John Goldsmith, Visitors, New Westminster, Canada

Rachel Broad, Eye To Eye, Crowborough, East Sussex, England

Jim Robertson, Have You Seen Me?, Lexington, KY

Consuelo Mendez, Dreamlike lizard, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Joanne Coates, Pretense, Evil Gallery, East London, U.K

James Campbell, Patience, Silver Spring, Maryland

Andi Schreiber, Pet, Scarsdale, NY

Michele Wambaugh, Found in Patricia’s Garden Houston, Texas

Gina Randazzo, Jaipur, Jaipur, India

Linda Alterwitz, Prize, Las Vegas, Nevada

Valery Rizzo, Twins, Park Slope, Brooklyn, 2009

Mark Mason, Natural History #1, Milan, Italy

Matt Ebbers, Polar Bear, St. Paul MN

Emily Amesbury, Lola, Bristol, United Kingdom

© James Friedman, from Self-Portrait with Jewish Nose Wandering in a Gentile World, Toledo, Ohio

Rosie Knightley, We Need Coats, Worthing, West Sussex, UK

Mary Defer, Hooves, Garrettsville, OH

Cheryl A Townsend, Pet Me, New Orleans, LA

Donna Rosser, Dog Times Two, the bedroom

Francesc Solloway, Tiger in the Wild, Hampshire – England

Zoran Milosavljevic, Cat Vancouver, Vancouver Canada

Adriana Bonifasi, Str(ap)ped Inside, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Elaine Minionis, Those who stayed., from series: “Our Neighbors”, El Hatillo, Caracas/Venezuela

Bucky Miller, From Today’s Special, Great Barrington, MA

Shawna Gibbs, Easter Bunny, Claremont, NH

Brian Faini, Untitled, Penland, NC

Grant Gill, Bad Morning, Milwaukee, WI

Julia Kozerski, Shadow, Milwaukee, WI

Fran Forman, Wolf, Cambridge, MA

Dominic Rouse, The Gathering, UK, Argentina, Thailand,

Angela Cappetta, Arabian Horse, Peterborough, NH 2000

Oliver Pauk, Parkdale Polar Bear, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lane Shull, Fig. 15: Unicorn. c.1997, Columbia, SC

William Richards, Untitled, Hampshire, England

Craig J. Barber, Harvest, Woodstock, NY

Rhonda Prince, Winky, Rossville, GA

Faustinus Deraet, Equus, Antwerp, Belgium

Valerie Patterson, Kona, Los Angeles, CA

Amelia Morris, White, Indianapolis, IN

David Simonton, Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA

Shannon Rowland O’Connor, Lucy, Venice, CA

Anita Masterson Johnston, Captain and Toenails, Voyageur National Park, MN

Bryan Winter, Scared Bird, Brooklyn, NY

M. David Farrell, Jr., Henrietta, Carbondale, IL

Mary Anne Mitchell, Peek-a-boo, Atlanta, GA

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