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2011 LENSCRATCH Holidays Exhibition

Happy Holidays Lenscratch readers! I wish you all wonderful celebrations, full of family, friends, frolic, and fun. Right about now I’m still in my pajamas, probably starting my first mimosa, watching my children plow through their stockings, and feeling very blessed to be part of this amazing community.

Thank you for your support, contributions and wonderful images.

The 2011 Lenscratch Holidays! Exhibition

Tom Chambers, Olin and Mary, Richmond, VA

Zeb Andrews, Decorating the tree, Portland, OR A thirty minute pinhole exposure of the lights being strung on our Christmas Tree.

Yvette Meltzer, The Miracle of Lights, at home in Williamsburg, VA

Kristianne Koch, The Tree Lot, San Clemente, CA

Suzanne Révy, Menorah Lights, 2010, Carlisle, MA

Honey Lazar, Merry Little Christmas, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Paris Carter, Refuge, Beech Mountain, NC

Anne Berry, Bub’s Santa, Edneyville, NC 2011

Patty Lemke, Store front, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Ashly Stohl, Happy New Year, 2002, Los Angeles, California

Michael Butler, Christmas in Hollywood, Hollywood, CA

Sally Mars, Peace, Love, Roof Rakes, Snow Shovels, Minneapolis

Susan Swihart, In the Tees, Los Angeles, CA

James Pepper Kelly, Backyard 02, Chicago, IL

Deanna Dikeman, Evey and Earl’s house, 12/01, South Sioux City, Nebraska

Paul Romaniuk, Three French Hens, Victoria, BC

Diane Cockerill, Rudy, Bel Air, California

Julia Vandenoever, My brother’s first Christmas, 1978, Chappaqua, NY

Mary Ann Lynch, Holiday Basket Program, New Dorp Moravian Church, Staten Island NY 2006

Brian Van de Wetering, Rebellious Period, My dining room, CA

Laura Noel, Elf Ear, Atlanta, GA

S. Gayle Stevens, Best Wishes for the New Year, Atlanta, GA (Photo of my older brother Harry as an xmas card)

Nancy Baron, Blue Trees, Palm Springs, California

Mark Berndt, Somebody Else’s Tree!, Los Angeles, CA

Marla H Bane, Chrismukah 2011, Dallas TX

Bill Vaccaro, The War Against Christmas, Chicago, IL

Kurt Jordan, Florence, Italy

Christa Blackwood, Hanukkah, France’s crib, wetplate

Jane Paradise, An i Christmas, San Francisco, CA

Rita Harowitz, Procession,The Mission district of San Francisco, CA

Sandra Klein, Christmas Palms, Hollywood, CA

David Kussie, A Joyful Noise, Denver, CO

Sheri Lynn Behr, Chanukat

Joshua Hobson, Xmas Lights, Tallahassee, FL

Frank Harrell, Christmas Tree, Playa del Rey, CA

Mark Hickman, Xmas ornament, Morganton, NC

Bea Fresno, Our Street tree, Oranjestraat, Rotterdam

Matthew Crouch, Bar Decor, Town & Country Bar, Austin, Texas

Jerry Downs, On the way home for Christmas, Off I-80, Utah

Judith Steiner, Untitled, San Francisco, CA

Lori Bell, Poinsettia, Orcutt, CA

Harvey Hanig, Christmas Darth 2004 (The first of seven annual Suburban Darth Vader Holiday cards)
In a nearby galaxy on a planet not unlike our own…

Karen Carson, Tree in the Park, Los Alamos, CA

Ann Kendellen, Untitled, 1990, Portland, Oregon

Bruce Long
, If only in my dreams, Forster, NSW, Australia

Jamie Johnson, Candy Cane Lane, California

Ryan Hoffman, Christmas!, Mesa, Arizona

Panos Lambrou, Pushups, Glen Ridge, NJ

Lisa McCord, Santa Pinata, Los Angeles, CA

Michael Werner, Mum Jan’s Christmas Cards, Forster, NSW, Australia

Amo Passicos, Holiday, Carnon, France

Kristy Carpenter, Christmas Euchre Game, Bronson, Michigan

Rob Funcken, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Lis Bailly, Duddley’s Ornaments 2011, Victoria BC Canada We have a box of old glass balls and ornaments in unorthodox colours, all chipped and flaked…well loved indeed! We hang them on “The Christmas Branch”, a tangled arbutus tree limb that we scrounge from our hillside.

Jeff Carr, Holiday’s Got You Down, Atlanta, GA

Beth Yarnelle Edwards, Vern, San Carlos, CA

Zoran Milosavljevic, Christmas Display, Santa Monica

Bruce Morton, Christmas in Bowen, Bowen, IL USA

Deborah Yun, Hello Kitty Christmas Flowers, Toyko, Japan

Larry Brownstein, Trashy Manikins, Hollywood, California

Laurie McCormick, Colt 45 Christmas, Yonkers, New York

Jinyoung Koh, Nightmare Before Christmas, Chicago, IL

Paris Visone, Christmas Nana, Payton, Madison, Cole and Cam – Peabody, MA 2010

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