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2013 LENSCRATCH Summer Fun Exhibition

Happy Summer!
I hope you are having as much fun this summer as your photographs reflect.  A big thank you to Sarah Stankey and Grant Gill for their efforts and check out Lenscratch for some new submission opportunities. Thank you so much for sharing your photographs and now get back to the sand, sun, and summer…and don’t forget the sunscreen!
Maggie Pinke, Untitled (Niagara), Niagara, NY
Maria-Gracia Inglessis, Aquatica 27, Los Angeles, CA 
Laura Glabman, Untitled, Coney Island, NY
Toni Billick, Goldie Blocks and Hot Wheels, Jr. Roller Derby Queen, FL

Bill DeLanney, Tent, Chatham, NY

Onur Turkcelik, Public or Private, Turkey

Tom TermynaIt’s good to be Charley the Dog, Bass Harbor, ME

Sandra Klein,Two Reds, Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach, CA

Christina BentheimRoad to Nowhere, Las Vegas, NV 
Laurie McCormick, Dipping My Toes, Shelter Island, NY
Gil Lavi, 4th of July from Sidewalk, Long Island, NY
Cathe Johnson, Saturday Afternoon, Venice Beach, CA
Ataru Kozuru, Scooping Goldfish, Japanese Summer Festival,
Hakata, Japan

Sue ZwickSee You Again In Seventeen Years, Summit, NJ

Robin Bassett, Tourists, HI
Kerry Rowand, Jet Ski Rentals, Dunedin, FL
Chris Moxey, Ladies-in-waiting, Trouville-sur-mer, France
Jason Casey, Sunset Beach, Holland, MI
Christian DeBaun, Backyard Fireworks, Charlottesville, VA
Christine Pearl, The Fair Fredrick, MD

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