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With Gratitude

I’m in a Normal Rockwell frame of mind, especially since reviewing the new book Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera for photo-eye recently. And today being THANKSgiving gives me the opportunity to share what I am grateful for:

I am grateful for being continually inspired, moved, and wowed by photographers willing to take chances, expose realities, imagine new ones, document and think about our world.

I am grateful for our wonderful community of caring, supportive, and enthusiastic individuals that take the time to send an e-mail, comment on Facebook, send a tweet, pass on a high-five, or a hello.

I am grateful for all the gallerists, curators, editors, directors, and organizations that support our journeys and really want us to succeed.

I am grateful for my students who have all become friends and inspirations.

I am grateful for well made equipment that lasts for half a century.

I am grateful for film and the feeling of excitement that comes from looking at new negatives.

I am grateful for Translight Colors darkroom and local labs that continue to support film shooters.

I am grateful for my fellow photographers who have given me so much to think about, to write about, to learn about…

I am grateful for your comments, for taking the time to read Lenscratch, for making me aware of your work, or sharing someone else’s.

I am grateful for the internet and the world-wide friendships it has allowed me to create.

I hope your holiday is filled with warmth, love, food, drinks, memories, and photographs…don’t forget to send your one best image of Thanksgiving to me by December 5th…

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