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Congrats to Venice Arts on their 20th Anniversary!


Sabine Pearlman, He loves me, he loves me not… Edition 3/10
available for sale at the Venice Arts Auction

Describing the impact of her five-year involvement with Venice Arts on her life, former student Jocelyn Ramirez, age 18, said “Before Venice Arts, I never thought about the possibility of using filmmaking as a form of activism, not only with art and storytelling, but with social issues as well. When I was younger, there were worlds beyond the comfort of my own that I had no idea existed. Venice Arts helped me discover one of these, and now that passion for filmmaking has opened up previously unimaginable opportunities.” Jocelyn is currently studying filmmaking at New York University on a full scholarship, and is the first person in her family to attend university. Jocelyn is just one of the thousands of low-income young people whose lives have been transformed through their involvement with Venice Arts over its 20-year history.

Those of us who love-all-things photography in Los Angeles are very proud of an institution in our community  that provides incredible support and inspiration to young visionaries.  Venice Arts began 20 years ago with 10 kids, a darkroom in a donated basement, and a big dream: to create a vibrant arts center for low-income youth in the Venice community. Venice Arts’ award-winning Art Mentoring & Education program,  now reaches hundreds of low-income youth each year through free workshops in photography, filmmaking, animation, and media arts at its Center for Media & Learning on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice, as well as further afield through Documentary Programs conducted nationally and internationally. Over the past twenty years, Venice Arts’ program of free arts instruction, mentoring, and internship opportunities has opened windows of possibility for poor and low-income children. Drawing on two decades of experience, Venice Arts also works with nonprofit organizations, foundations, and community groups to help them develop and implement their own participant-produced projects. And now, Venice Arts has become a destination for adults, with free exhibitions, film screenings, and events through its Gallery & Public Programs

To celebrate reaching this significant milestone, Venice Arts is hosting a 20th Anniversary Gala Spectacular on November 2, 2013, 5–8pm. The event will feature a silent auction of fine-art photography generously donated by prominent photographers, as well as exemplary work by Venice Arts’ students, and goods and services donated by local businesses. Donating photographers include: Gareth Abraham, Kwaku Alston, Nancy Baron, Christine Caldwell, Ellen Cantor, Stephen Courtney, Marian Crostic, Imogen Cunningham, Julia Dean, Natalie Franco, Jim Hubbard, Amanda Keller Konya, J. K. Lavin, Douglas McCulloh, Erin McGuire, Christopher Medak, Diane Meyer, Wynn Miller, Michael Miner, Genaro Molina, Michele Morris, Hal Myers, Matt Ogens, Sabine Pearlman, Susan Rennie, Carol Royce-Wilder, Barbara Ruffini, Marjorie Salvaterra, Dan Shepherd, Aline Smithson, Jasmine Swope, Mark Swope, Salvatore Totino, Brett Van Ort, Francis Mark Woods, Jonas Yip, and David Zentz. This is a great opportunity for collectors and art enthusiasts to purchase a beautiful piece of original artwork while supporting a local nonprofit organization. The evenings’ festivities will also include delicious food from the best local restaurants, exclusive wine and beer, live music amazing raffle prizes, and a photo booth run by youth photographers in Venice Arts’ program. The event also honors community angels Paula Lumbard & Susan Rennie, long-time Venice residents and Venice Arts’ supporters. Information on tickets and sponsorships can be found at on their site.

Consider supporting Venice Arts through a purchase of a photograph(s)….a generous selection of Professional and Student work follows.  You can contact Venice Arts directly if you want one of these wonderful photographs to hang on your wall.

Professional Work Available at the Auction


Gareth Abraham, Shopping Mall Couple


Gareth Abraham, Golden Silence


Kwaku Alston, Venice


Nancy Baron, Cash Only

Bamboo Waterway-Epson UltraSmooth FA paper 28x40

Stephen Courtney, Bamboo Waterway


Christine Caldwell, Starfish


Christine Caldwell, Fish Detail

Cantor_Ellen_At the Ballet I

Ellen Cantor, At the Ballet


Marian Crostic, Venice


Imogen Cunningham


Julia Dean, New Texaco

Erin McGuire, From the series Polaroid Chocolate

Erin McGuire, From the series Polaroid Chocolate


Natalie Marie Franco, Royal Family

Thatcher and Reagan Walking Dog

Jim Hubbard, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan with Lucky


Amanda Keller Konya, Portrait of Carly from the Schools Out Forever? series


JK Lavin, Blue Moon #1


Christopher Medak, Venice Vintage Bikers


Diane Meyer, Italy 1

Miller_Wynn_Shepard Fairey 2012

Wynn Miller, Wynn Miller, Shepard Fairey and Tony Alva Collaboration


Michael Miner, Gateless Gate #3

Molina_Genaro_Jamie Foxx

Genaro Molina, Jamie Foxx


Geraro Molina, Jeff Bridges 180 Degrees

Morris_Micele_ ST View #4

Michele Morris, Street View #4

Myers_Hal_Off the Wall_Havana_Cuba

Hal Myers, Off the Wall, Havana, Cuba


Matt Ogens, Untitled


Susan Rennie, Jesusa, from the series Dogs of Venice


Carol Royce-Wilder, Abstract #269

RUFFINI-Whisper to me

Barbara Ruffini, Whisper to Me the Words


Marjorie Salvaterra, Keeping Up With The Janes

bismarckia #2

Dan Shepherd, Bismarckia #2, ed 1/12

Smithson_Aline_The Cement Ball

Aline Smithson, The Cement Ball


Jasmine Swope, Point Dume No. 1 Malibu, California

SM pier-no pilings 24x16

Douglas McCulloh, Santa Monica Pier–Pilings Removed


Mark Swope, Coney Island, New York


Francis Mark Woods, Moonrise Over Japanese Garden


Jonas Yip, Crossing


Jonas Yip, The Path


Jonas Yip, Vantage Point


David Zentz, Venetian Eggleston

Student work Available at the Auction

angela (4 of 19)

Angela Francis, Untitled
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice


Arlene Flores, Untitled
Documentary Programs: Picturing Health, Boyle Heights


Arthur Cooke, Untitled
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice

ChowKaiMei-P1080756 (1)

Chow Kai Mei, Untitled
Consulting & Training, Hong Kong, China


Claude Velas, Untitled
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice


Daniel Korochkin-Zoryn, Untitled
My Dad Exercises


Jocelyn Ramirez and Destiny Beautiful Bald Eagle, Untitled
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice & Dupree, South Dakota


Eamon Wright, Burning Sugar Cane
Documentary Programs: Picturing Race, Durban, South Africa

Shooting Back Flip Shot

Daniel Hall, Flip
Program: Shooting Back, Washington DC 1989


Genevieve Ward, Tiny Dancer
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice

JeanetteVasquezCachuma (1)

Jeanette Vasquez, Cachuma
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice


Joaquim Varalito, My Memories
Documentary Program: The House is Small but the Welcome is Big, Maputo, Mozambique

jocelyn diptych

Jocelyn Ramirez, Untitled
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice


Julie Cabral, Unititled
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice


Khaliq Farthing, Determination
Documentary Programs: Picturing Health, South L.A. Figueroa Corridor


Luna Richter, Untitled
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice


Matt Selvo, Waiting for Something to Happen
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice

Maya Fellows MLIP self portait

Maya Fellows, Untitled
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice

Mayra Mejia 1

Mayra Mejia, Self Portrait
Documentary Programs: Girls’ Lives Through Girls’ Eyes: The National Girls’ Project

Timmie Escobedo  tona_dandylion

Timmie Escobedo, Unititled
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice


Timmie Escobedo, Unititled
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice


Zinnia Moreno, Untitled
Mentoring & Education Program, Venice

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