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Cheryle St. Onge: Natural Findings

10 untitled C St. OngePhotographer Cheryle St. Onge recently opened an exhibition at the Rick Wester Fine Art Gallery in New York City that will run through March 1st, 2014. The exhibition is titled Not Long Hidden and also includes work by Joni Sternbach, Joe Maloney, Kate Joyce,  and Jakub Karwowski. The combined images reflect “the sensual vision of summer light, color and tone”, not a bad thing to consider during these chilly winter months.  Cheryle’s evocative images reflect more than summer, they represent childhood at it’s most wonderful, when summer days are filled with backyard explorations of nature’s delights and getting dirty is a good thing.

Cheryle works with an 8 x 10 camera and counts her work as a collaborative process with family and friends who bring her snakeskins and porcupine quills and shoreline of her native landscape of New Hampshire. She received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2009, and has been on the faculty at Clark University, Maine College of Art and The University of New Hampshire

Natural Findings

The photographs from Natural Findings began with the idea, that our early foray into the natural world is not only innate, it is familial. When an older sibling offers up a jar of glowing fireflies, or grandmother puts a Winter Berry on your tongue, they are in a colloquial, familiar manner forging a path and beckoning to share the natural world. Natural Findings explore the curiosity and awe of our early grasp of nature; a paper wasp nest that appears dropped from Mars, the frog egg masse that on close inspect, possible through a photograph, becomes a gelatinous constellation of soon to be tadpoles. The photographs become both the shared means of a longer examination and the conduit of our own private recollection of nature.

20 untitled C St. Onge

19 untitled C St. Onge

17 untitled C St. Onge

16 untitled C St.Onge

15 untitled C St. Onge

14 untitled C St. Onge

13 untitled C St. Onge

12 untitled C St. Onge

10 untitled C St. Onge

9 untitled C St. Onge




8 untitled C St. Onge

7 untitled C St. Onge

6 untitled C St. Onge

5 untitled C St. Onge

4 untitled C St. Onge

3 untitled C St. Onge

2A untitled C St Onge

2 untitled C St Onge

1A untitled C St Onge

1 untitled C St. Onge

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