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Simone Lueck

Last week, Simone Lueck, generously shared her photographic journey as a guest speaker in one of my classes. Simone not only showed her images, but showed us some amazing self-created books and presentation ideas.

I met Simone through Review LA and have been following her work ever since. Her new series, The Once and Future Queens, is compelling and fascinating.

“For the past year, I have been making pictures of people posing as glamorous movie stars. The series includes pictures of cult film stars from the 1960s and pictures of individuals who answered an ad soliciting older women to pose as glamorous movie stars.The pictures are collaborations: Each participant is asked to provide her own wardrobe and to select a desired location for the shoot. The project came from my fascination with glamour, a remnant of Old Hollywood.”

Simone is heading to Photo Espana soon and we wish her well.

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