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Corinne Vionnet

I discovered Corinne Vionnet’s work on the NYMPhoto site. Corinne was part of the NYMPhoto Presents exhibition at the Sasha Wolf Gallery this Spring. Currently living in Switzerland, Corinne has a number of well developed and wonderful bodies of work, but I was especially drawn to her series, Photo Opportunities.

Following a simple search on the web, Corinne Vionnet looked at this collection of snapshots, almost identical images produced by these “we” anonymous and unidentified, making her choice on statistical major tourist places. By collecting, then bringing together the successive layers of around hundred “photo souvenirs”, she brings forward the symbolic value or identity of a city or a country that these monuments have acquired with time, and underlying style of manipulation on the viewer. Why always take the same picture if not to interact with what already exists? The picture gives the proof of “I was there too, here, where everyone comes on a given day”. To be true, the picture shall be perfectly similar to the one belonging to the collective memory.

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