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The 2017 Summer Fun Exhibition, Part 2

©Joy Mckinney, Deep Water, 2016, Jersey Shore

©Itamar Shatz, View, Fort Lauderdale, FL

©Jaclyn Midori, Sunken City Silhouettes, San Pedro, CA

©Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Summer’s Solstice (Sundown at the Backyard), Harlem, NYC

©Michelle Lorén, Untitled (from the series Los Angeles I’m Yours),  Los Angeles, CA

©Harvey Hanig, jumbo corndogs, Batavia IL

©Diana Nicholette Jeon, Like a Rock in the Sea, Waikiki Beach, HI

©C. Santiago, Untitled, Los Angeles, CA

©Cheryl Clegg, Watermelon Smile, Lac Brule, Quebec, CA

©Pascal Bernheim, Anneaux / Rings, Mouriès, France

©Rafal Michalak, Dancing With The Wind, Wroclaw, POLAND

©Larissa Leclair, untitled, Arlington, VA

©David Tanné, Estaque vive, Marseille, France

©Kristyna Erbenova, Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France

©db Waltrip, Back to Back, Pensacola Beach, FL

©Paul Matzner, Summerfest Skyglider, Milwaukee, WI

©Mike Murphy, Seal Beach, Seal beach, CA

©Glen Roberson, A Sunset Stroll, Okaloosa Island, FL

©Diane Cockerill, First Wave, Newport Beach, CA

©hannah kozak, Kat in La Jolla, La Jolla, CA

©Michael Bach, Marge, sitting momentarily on the chaise lounge in the backyard, Troy, New York

©Shari Yantra Marcacci, Urban Beach, Los Angeles, CA

©Karen Bell, Porto Boys, Porto, Portugal

©Kathleen B. Donovan, A Dream of a Ride, Dallas, TX

©Donna Rosser, Carl’s, Fredericksburg, VA

©Joey Potter, The Catch, Pensacola Beach, FL

©Sheri Lynn Behr, There ARE Pirates in Penzance, Penzance, England

©Annie Seaton, So Gorgeous, Topanga

©Jan Arrigo, Coney Island Boardwalk Jump, Brooklyn, NY

©Ellen Cantor, Zach at the Basket, New Jersey

©Nathan Pearce, Ballgame 3, Grayville, Il

©Denise Rickles, Coney Island Gym, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York

©Phyllis Schwartz, Frosty Summer Fun, San Francisco, CA

©erin walker, thirsty (35mm film), Roswell, GA

©Maureen Haldeman, Pacific Park, Santa Monica, CA

©Mike Whiteley, Children Playing in Fountain, Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, IA

©Beth Dubber, Pin-Up Pageant, Long Beach, CA


©️Alex John Gilbey, Summer Colours, New York, NY

@Mara Zaslove, First Abstract, Los Angeles, CA

©Charles Mintz, Isaac, Ocean City, MD

Glascow Playground

©Heidi Clapp-Temple, Geometry, Glascow, Scotland

©Frank Delph, Dora at Grove, Austin, Texas

©Adam Griffith, Beach Day, Tillamook, OR

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