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The 2017 Photographic Conversations Exhibition, Part 3

S-HEINTZ A-KEPKA- Briget and I #14 - Sleeping In 1000px

©Asia Kepka, Bridget and I​: #14, Boston, MA   ​©Suzanne Heintz, ​Sleeping In, Denver, CO

S-HEINTZ A-KEPKA- Briget and I #15 - Shining Armour 1000px

©Asia Kepka, Bridget and I​:​ ​#15, Boston, MA   ©Suzanne Heintz, ​Shining Armour, ​Rock of Cashel, ​​Ireland

S-HEINTZ A-KEPKA- Clippers - GARDEN 1000px

©Suzanne Heintz, Clippers, Denver, CO   ©Asia Kepka, Bridget and I – Garden, Boston, MA

Cothran, Quinlisk_Pairing01

©Hailey Cothran, Self- Portrait, Rochester, NY   ©Abby Quinlisk, Open, Rockport, ME


©Abby Quinlisk, TV, Rockport, ME   ©Hailey Cothran, Untitled, Rochester, NY


©Amy Rockett-Todd & Mark D. Wittig, School Chair, Monhegan, Maine & Tulsa, Oklahoma

SEA - Photography - I'll Be Your Mirror (Still Dreams)

©Sarah Seené, Still Dreams, France ©Sarah Abramson, Still Dreams, Los Angeles, CA


©Manuel Vazquez, Clissold Leisure Centre, London, UK   ©Gesche Würfel, Rockingham, NC, USA


© Jill Victoria and Scott Hogan, Matrimony, Costa Mesa, CA


©Catherine Singer and Elizabeth Williams, New Beginnings & New Born, Laguna Hills, CA and Austin, TX

Anne Vivier Manceau, Nadia Rabhi

© Anne Vivier Manceau, Àh!, Canada, Photographer on © Nadia Rabhi, Deep fantasy, France, Photographer on

Nadia Rabhi,Olivia & Vincent Goutal

© Nadia Rabhi, As spirit guiding, France, Photographer on © Olivia & Vincent Goutal, Le courage des oiseaux, France Photographers on


©SvitlanaLevchenko, noname, Kyiv ©Yura Kolomiets, empty presence, Kyiv


©SvitlanaLevchenko, noname, Kyiv   ©Yura Kolomiets, empty presence, Kyiv


©Lisa Guerriero, Powder Room Proverbs, Baton Rouge, LA  ©Julie Grace Immink, Waiting Room, Alhambra, CA

Emily Evans Sloan.View.submission

©Emily Evans Sloan, View, St. Ignatius, Montana  ©Sara Silks, Homelight 1, Overland Park, Kansas


©Melissa Borman, Untitled from A Piece of Dust in the Great Sea of Matter, 2017, Inisheer, Co. Galway, Ireland   ©Matthew Papa, Untitled, 2017, Red Sand Beach, Hana, Hawaii


©Beth Dubber, Las Vegas 2013, Las Vegas, NV   ©Cindy Crane, On Broadway, Los Angeles, CA

Collaborative Attempt 2

©Leo Garcia, Covered Car, Barrio El Gallito, Guatemala City ©Ellen Friedlander 2017, Untitled, Ajijic, Mexico


© Ellen Friedlander 2017, Self Portrait in my Kitchen, Santa Ana, California ©Leo Garcia, Lucia, Totonicapan, Guatemala

Kopenhaver_Setzer_Photographs In Conversation

© Katelyn Kopenhaver, Lucy’s House, Doylestown, PA  ©Alexander Setzer, Without A Basement #10, Baltimore, MD

Klein Laux

©Skip Klein, and ©Emily Laux, Barrett’s Cove, Camden, Maine


©Skip Klein, Japan ©Emily Laux, Conneticut

Skip Klein


© Victoria J. Ridgway + Simon McCool, Untitled 1, Bloomington, In


© Simon McCool + Victoria J. Ridgway, Untitled 2, Bloomington, In

Louise Pedno_MISHMASH02

© Louise Pedno, Showering Bliss, New York, NY   ©Anne Brown, Monterey Aquarium, CA

Callanan and Costa, Conversation

©Reid Callanan, In Norton Pond, Lincolnville, Maine ©Gina Costa, No Where|Now Here , Chicago, 2016

Costa and Meltzer

©Gina Costa, No Where | Now Here No.7, Union Pier, Michigan    ©Yvette Meltzer, Welcome Home, Detroit


©Colleen Fitzgerald, Massachusetts ©Jordan Whitten, Tennessee


© Robbie Kaye and Christopher L.T. Brown, Simple Things, Santa Ynez Valley, CA


©Oren Yerushalmi Rosenbaum, Skybound, Seattle, WA FB: Oren Yerushalmi Rosenbaum ©Martha Clarkson, Hope is Tall, New York, NY

oyr mc for aline jpg

©Oren Yerushalmi Rosenbaum, Hoods Up, San Francisco, CA FB: Oren Yerushalmi Rosenbaum ©Martha Clarkson, Nothing in this World, Palm Springs, CA


©Thilo Rohländer & Lisa Fischer, Dortmund Germany


©Lisa Fischer & Thilo Rohländer, Dortmund Germany & Rab Croatia


©Carolyn Wagner, Betwixt and Between, Galway, Ireland, ©Stephanie de la Rosa, Cause us to Dismiss, Dayton, OH


©Sandra Klein (left image), Three Wishes, Japan ©Paula Riff (right image), Opus #7, Los Angeles, CA


©Shari Yantra Marcacci, Lady with Cat, Los Angeles, CA  ©Rohina Hoffman, Cat with Woman, Los Angeles, CA


©Diane Fenster, Desire Obscura, Pacifica, CA  ©James Wigger, The Seer, The Bronx, NY


©James Wigger, Compounding Decisions, The Bronx, NY  ©Diane Fenster, Fear in a Handful of Dust, Pacifica, CA

@Melinda Isachsen and Jim McKinniss - Venetian Masks - Venice Italy

@Melinda Isachsen and Jim McKinniss, Venetian Masks, Venice, Italy

@Jim McKinniss & Melinda Isachsen - Venetian Masks II - Venice Italy

©Jim McKinniss & Melinda Isachsen, Venetian Masks II, Venice, Italy

DRISCOLL&MÁRQUEZ_photos in convo (1)

©Katherine March Driscoll, Joe’s Bar, Ancram, NY.  ©Manuel Márquez, Tío Pepe, Ciudad de México.


©Angela Martin, Ernie’s Old Tractor, Hodgensville, KY ©Nancy O. Albert, Tobacco Barn with Old Ranchero, Arcadia, NC

Image (1)

©Angela Martin, Odocoileus virginianus, Elizabethtown, KY ©Dale Rio, #1206 Terry Collection, Washington, DC

Stephanie de la Rosa, Back Home

©Stephanie de la Rosa, Back Home, New Bremen, OH ©Carolyn Wagner, The Things They Kept, Batavia, OH


©Claude Peschel Dutombe, Naraka #11, Suphan Buri ©Diane Fenster, Your Shadow at Evening, San Francisco, CA


©Claude Peschel Dutombe, Wings of Desire – angel Damiel, Lopburi/Thailand Right ©Diane Fenster, Untitled (Ceci), Pacifica, CA


©Val Patterson, untitled, Los Angeles, CA ©Grant Gill, untitled, Milwaukee, WI

Aline-Miranda 01

©Aline Smithson, Not Yet, Los Angeles, CA ©Miranda Barnes, Sarae and Sarai #1. Bronx, NY.

Miranda-Aline 02

©Miranda Barnes, July 4th Weekend. Lido Beach, Long Island ©Aline Smithson, Inquiring Minds, Long Pond, MA

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