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The 2023 Mother Exhibition, Part 5

Cindy Hansen_Mothering Mother - Cindy Hansen

© Cindy Hansen, Mothering Mother, Grafton, WI

Sandy_Hill_MomReflection - Sandy Hill

© Sandy Hill, Reflection of Mom, Manassas, VA

Adrienne Villar - Adrienne Villar

©Adrienne Villar, Honor & Remembrance, Kyle, TX

39B97F00-1474-4866-A461-ED7C06A109FF - Megan Joubert

©Megan Joubert “Mom and the roses she brought for me”, 2023. Near Cobleskill NY

Dafna_Steinberg_Tuesday - Dafna Steinberg

© Dafna Steinberg, “Tuesday is for Therapy”, McLean, VA


©Charlotte Niel, Chrysanthemums, San Dimas, CA

Natalia.Carullo-1 - Natalia Carullo

© Natalia Carullo, Untitled, Farmington, CT.

Showing the Path - Matthew Collins

©Matthew Collins, Showing the Path

Bonnie Blake_1244 - Bonnie Blake

©Bonnie Blake, Mother Nature Does Not Disappoint, Antelope Valley, CA

Sidian Liu mother - Sidian Liu

©Sidian Liu, Mom, Foshan, China

Shepherd_Rose_LENSCRATCH - Rose Shepherd

©Rose Shepherd, Reflections, Yelm, WA

©Barbara Justice, Backyard Find, Las Cruces, NM - Barbara Justice

©Barbara Justice, Backyard Find, Las Cruces, NM

©Theresa Tarara, Mother Material, Coos Bay, OR - theresa Tarara

©Theresa Tarara, Mother Material, Coos Bay, OR

Mother Hen - Silas Bennett

©Silas Bennett, Mother Hen, Cairns, QLD

Randy Matusow - randy seligman

©Randy Matusow, Mother With Baby and Monkey, Charlestown, R.I.

michael rababy - nepal monkey mother - Michael Rababy

©MichaelRababy, Monkey Mother, Nepal

c)Dawn McDonald_Love-Mother and Cubs_Serengeti, Tanzania - Dawn McDonald

©Dawn McDonald, Love-Mother and Cubs, Serengeti, Tanzania

Carlotta O Pompei Feathers. Rickmansworth, UK - Carlotta Pompei

©Carlotta O Pompei, Feathers. Rickmansworth, UK.,Rickmansworth, UK

HelenGlazer-MotherAndChick - Helen G

© Helen Glazer, First Chick of the Season, Cape Royds, Antarctica

Color photo of the photographer’s decesed mother’sgeen holiday jacket with lapel pin under plastic dry cleaning bag..

©Jan Arrigo, Ruth’s Christmas Jacket, Slidell, LA

monique_burigo - Monique Burigo Marin

©Monique Burrigo, Tongue of Fire, Lages, SC

Don Porter, Kavenaugh's Legacy, Pinyon Pines, CA - Don Porter

©Don Porter, Kavanaugh’s Legacy, Pinyon Pines, CA

Amber Lee Williams Mother Lenscratch submission - Amber Lee Williams

©Amber Lee Williams, The Last Time (I Saw Her), St. Catharines, ON, Canada

Quincey_Spagnoletti - Quincey Spagnoletti

©Quincey Spagnoletti, Where We Sleep, Boston, MA

Leland Smith_Mom's Rocker - Leland Smith

©Leland Smith, Mom’s Rocker, Darien, CT

KevinBJones_Air_Force_Veteran_Craig_Patrick_Jones - Kevin B. Jones

©Kevin B Jones,Air Force Veteran – Craig Patrick Jones, Riverside, CA National Cemetery

Parker_Mykle_BOUNDLESS - Mykle Parker

©Mykle Parker, Boundless, Joshua Tree, CA

Lucas_Vanderborght-1 - Lucas Vanderborght

©Lucas Vanderborght, In Loving Memory, Arlington, VA

mother.karol.franks - Karol Franks

©Karol Franks, Mother, Colma, CA

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