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Douglas Stockdale: Hotel Noir

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Douglas Stockdale, is not only a busy photographer, businessman, and family man, but he’s also becoming the Rupert Murdoch of Photography blogs– authoring, editing, or producing The Photo Exhibit, The Photo Book, The Photo Exchange, and Singular Images. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan, Douglas eventually found his way to California, and pursued an education in fine art, engineering, and business administration.

Because travel is a big part of Douglas’ business life, he has deftly found a way to continue his creative life while living in a suitcase. His new series, Insomnia, Hotel Noir, describes the emotional life of a man on the road–blurred, alone, colorless. Mr. Stockdale also has several interesting bodies of work on China, roadside memorials, and landscapes.

“I am exploring the emotional ambiguity created when I am traveling, the disconnectiveness that occurs when staying at hotels. The stay may be for just overnight or perhaps an extended stay, but never the less, there is a temporary loss of connectiveness with others. The emotional impact can be further affected by my changes in the time zones, difference in food, culture and weather, the temporary facilities, and even the bed I need to sleep in to achieve my nightly energy and psychic renewal. For me, some aspect of Insomnia occurs.

The suggestion of this disconnection and separation is what I am striving for in this series.”

Images from Insomnia, Hotel Noir

Images from Re: Development-China; Business as Usual

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