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Gaby Messina

Looking at photographers included in The Prime Years, an exhibition at the Houston Center for Photography, curated by Fernando Castor R. This exhibit depicts centenarians, artists, relatives, and other individuals enjoying, enduring, and living their lives beyond the age of 60.

Gaby Messina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After studying advertising and photography, she worked for advertising agencies for ten years. In 1999, she left advertising to work as an advertising photographer, get married, and have twins, Félix and Pedro. Her series, Grand Women, looks at her grandmother’s generation with the realization that age does not define life.

I feel extremely grateful that all these people agreed to sit in front of my camera. Also for their generosity in allowing me into their lives. When I was in their houses I would move things around and ask them to change their outfits. Some grandmothers changed their dresses a few times. It was as playful for me as it was for them.

In this series, their belongings are the key factor because they tell us more about them. It is a way of dramatizing the image and creating an atmosphere. I feel involved in every picture from the moment when these women powerfully caught my attention. At the opening of the exhibition it was extremely touching to see them well prepared. They felt like stars, protagonists. I am happy to have given them something to remember with joy.

Image from Grandes Mujeres

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