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The 2012 LENSCRATCH Pets and Favorite Animals Exhibition – Part 2

Heather Evans Smith, She Didn’t Need A Man (just a good lint roller), Winston-Salem, NC
I have been asked many times what it is like to live with four big cats. Truthfully, there is only one, cloned four times. I want to thank her for allowing me to move her around every time she started to get comfortable. Though I really don’t think she minded much.
Melissa Leitch, Ethel, Moorpark, CA
Tracey N. Freeman, Not a Unicorn, Houston, TX
Harvey Zipkin, Dan and Steve with Charlie, Jupiter, FL
Robert Moran, Cyrus doing his “Nessie” Impersonation on his Favorite Lookout Point, Bar Harbor, ME
Kaity De Laura, Dakota Gardening, Sparta, NJ
My four legged companion has been by my side for the past eight years.
Dale Niles, Sunbathers, Fayetteville, GA
Maddy (on the left) was abandoned on the side of a road when she was approximately 5 weeks old. When brought home, Bella (on the right & who had never had puppies) quickly adopted her and they have been close ever since.
Hannah Kozak, Michael and Jackson, Woodland Hills, CA
What I love about them is they’ve always been snuggle buddies since the day I adopted these brothers. Jackson (the black one) is willing to suffocate to be near his brother Michael.
Jen Jansen, Sunbathing, San Diego, CA
My little guy, Carl is in charge at my house.  13.5 pounds of awesome, ‘The Weenut’ is always up for two things, adventure & treats!
Stan Banos, Shadow, London, UK
Hans Bauer, Red Riding, Kerrville, TX
Yves Rubin, The Beast, Corral Canyon, Malibu, CA
 Mona is a rescue dog who lived through a pretty horrendous period of being transported around by a so-called rescue group to “place” her with a family. The owner of the rescue group was arrested two weeks after we took her in our family to give our first dog, Leo, a companion. He had 150 dogs and other animals on his property in the desert area without permit, and was obviously unable to adequately feed and care for the dogs he was collecting from shelters around L.A. (he had been banned from most L.A. City shelters). We found also part of her story on Facebook through her radio chip number: Mona had been used prior to her “rescue” as a mom in a puppy mill and later abandoned on the street. She was very afraid and skinny at first, but quickly started to show a strong will and great intelligence. She competes with Leo for attention, but they also play together a lot. She is very much the dominant dog, and this is why this image fits her character so well. The beast in her is still lurking in the shadow, even though she is the sweetest and most endearing dog. The joy she has brought us more than makes up for all the troubles we went through getting her back into shape after rescuing her.
Michael Van der Tol, Chelsea Takes a Bath, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Chelsea has been my devoted sidekick for more than ten years. We rescued her in 2003 from an uncertain future and she now receives all the creature comforts of our home and the occasional bath. What she returns to us in love and companionship is immeasurable.
Luca Baldassari, Cane, Ostia Ontica, Rome, IT
Jeff Weinstock, Baboon, Portland, OR
Raju Bist, Yogi the puggie, Thane, Maharashtra, India
George E. Holroyd III, No. 31, Paris, France
This is an image of Buckey, our fourteen year old Tom cat soaking up some sun at our flat in Paris.
Anita Thuna, Mission Viejo, CA
Mary Domenick, Singing Cowdog, Canton, OH
Mary Domenick, Snowy Eyes, Canton, OH
This is baby Bela Lugosi. We rescued her from the human society three years ago and she is one weird dog. I can never get her to look at the camera when I want to take her picture. This was her first Christmas with us and on a walk I said her name and when she looked at me I got the shot. What makes Bela so special is we know she lived in bad homes before we adopted her, but she still has lots of love to share with people. It took her a few months to show the love she had because we believe that she was afraid we would take her back. She might have a fifty foot bubble she keeps herself in but when she lets you inside there is no denying that she was a good choice to bring home.
Russ Rowland, Bido’s Treasure, New York, NY
Bido has found items on our walks. She’s certainly found my heart… and taught me how to be an optimist.
Lauren Grabelle, Sugar in Blue, Eatontown, NJ
Jim Ford, Good Company, Upstate, NY
Suzi Livingstone, Inquisitive Pig, London, UK
Suzi Livingstone, Rooster, London, UK
Rhonda Prince, Horse, Chattanooga, TN
I have always loved watching and riding horses. The combination of their power, their speed and their gentleness make horses fascinating to me!
Beth Herzhaft, Poker Face, Los Angeles, CA
This is Bunny J. Bunny (name was inspired by Elmer J. Fudd) valiantly trying to save face and appear nonchalant while his big butt is sinking between the couch and cushions. (He’s not going to give up any time soon…) Like many humans, he wants to appear unconcerned and above it all, but he secretly loves having a home to go to with people who adore him.
Francesca Solloway, Did you say cheese?, Hampshire, UK
Sandy Carson, Isa, Austin, TX
Louie Despres, Edgar’s head out the window in the rain, Worchester, MA

Suzanne RevyOreo, Concord, MA
This is our Greater Swiss Mountain dog, Oreo who joined our family last winter. He’s about 6 months in this picture and his big first birthday lands on Thanksgiving (today!) this year, which I’d say calls for a dog bone shaped pumpkin pie!! He’s a big happy galumph of a dog… the best ever!!

Maggie MeinersThe Small and Mighty, Winnetka, IL
Jodi Champagne, Good Morning, Allentown, PA
Woke up in the morning and they were at my front door.
Scott Keidong, Stella, Snow Dog, my back yard, Middleburgh, NY
Alessandra Tecla Gerevini, Clint and Me, Columbia, SC
Karen FlorekGreta Napping, Venice, CA
Greta is a simple dog who embraces basics: a rubber ball, a perfectly cooked chicken breast and a nap. Life feels seamless with her around.
Ed Friedman, Christmas with Pip and Violet, Arlington, MA
I love that when we come home they greet us as if they never saw us before. That lasts 10 seconds and then they wander off and go back to sleep!
Karen Carson, Lenny and Francis, Arroyo Grande, CA
We adopted these two kitty-brothers from a local animal rescue facility called Animals in Need in Nipomo, CA. What a joy! They are the best buddies…to each other and to us!
Jessica Lehane Day, Annie and Ellery, Denver, CO
Deon ReynoldsKiska, Warren, OR
Please find my image for “favorite pets and animals”. I have always lived with dogs and cats, as well as other critters. Kiska, however was a very special friend! She stands out for many reasons, but the one that hits us the most, is that she most likely saved our lives.
Chris JohnstonBuddy with bubbles, Omaruru, Namibia
Gerhard Clausing, Max Loves Grass, Laguna Beach, CA
Our cat Max is a superior conversationalist, will discuss all issues immediately, does “gimme five” for treats, and enjoys grass from time to time.

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