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FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHS of 2012 Exhibition Part 2

Shawn Robinson, Star Wars, El Segundo, CA
Paris Carter, The Invitation, Clermont, FL 
Transformation…I move into that quiet stillness of the chrysalis, letting the agents of change work upon me deep within.

Pascal Fellonneau, Election Poster, Paris, France

Sharon Johnson-Tennant, Mourning, Vietnam
To take the year and organize the thousands of images that are sitting in LR ready to be processed!

Ashley Kauschinger, Objects of Ancestry, Atlanta, Georgia

Harvey Hanig, End of the Show, Batavia, IL

Christa Blackwood, Pencey Prep, Austin, TX

Robert Rutoed, Pilgrim, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Fran Forman, Mélies´Dream, Massachusetts

Philip B. Bowser, Rainy Beach, Oregon Coast

Verner Soler, Solar Eclipse, Los Angeles, CA

Michelle Rogers Pritzl, Untitled, Salem, MA

George McClintock, Rebecca Lepkoff, New York, New York

Louie Despres, Corn Stalk Tips, New Braintree, MA
Shoot more photography!

Steve Strom, Volcanic Hillsides, Monjes de la Pacana, Monk Valley, Atacama Desert, Chile

Keith Dannemiller, Marilyn on the 75, North of Atlanta, GA

Eric C. Friedrich, Rollin’ Along, San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Moore, There She Goes Again, Unnatural Annihilation, Palos Park, Illinois

Frank Armstrong, Bartholomew Co. IN

Nathan Osterhaus, Salt Hill, Milwaukee, WI

Tristan Bellisimo, Sleepless Port of LA, San Pedro, CA
Complete the 365 challenge: shoot at lease one photo a day for the entire year of 2013.

Sandra Klein, Torn Soles, Los Angeles, CA

Erika Cespedes, Dead Girls, IL

Ashly Stohl, Charlie as Darth Vader, Los Angeles, CA

Alice Waraxa, For the Love of Books, Milwaukee, WI

Donita Simpson, Gilda Snowden in her Detroit Studio, Detroit, MI

Zoran Milosavljevic, Belgrade Passage, Belgrade, Serbia

Laura Glabman, Untitled, Far Rockaway, NY

Danielle L Goldstein, After Sandy, Long Beach, NY

Mike Whiteley, Deer, Sydney Nebraska

Susan Weingartner, Beagle Freedom, Los Angeles, CA
To work with even more rescued animals than I did this year!

Christine Pearl, Dream, Florida Avenue Grill, Washington DC

Guido Steenkamp, Umbrella Lady, Vienna

Christian Reister, Berlin 2012, Berlin, Germany

Paul Matzner, Poop, Brooklyn, NY

Alex Magadler, Without Title, Vienna

Monica Denevan, Museo, Burma

Heather Ross, Denton, TX

Gina Kelly, Kathleen and Henry, Together 47 Years, Santa Rosa, CA

Cathy Immordino, Animal Within, Glendale, CA

Jeff Weinstock, Corvalis, OR

S. Castor, Untitled, Fortim, Brazil 

Anne M. Connor, Blue Heat, Madison, WI

Cynthia E. Wood, Tamara, Guerneville/Russian River, CA

Janis Deinats, No Title, Riga, Latvia

George E. Holroyd III

Mindi LaRose, Room With A View, Gig Harbor, WA

Sarah J StankeyCrystals, Milwaukee, WI


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