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The 2013 LENSCRATCH Backyard Exhibition Part 3

Sasha Tamarin, Untitled, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem
Dagmar Vyhnalkova, Garden of Eden, Oman
Marilyn Lamoreux, Waiting for Spring, Plymouth, MN
Fernando Ramirez, Morning Glory, San Diego, CA
Joey Potter, Possums On A Half Shell, Juliette, GA
Marco Frauchiger, The Last Shuttle, Fort Pierce, FL
Michael Kirchoff, On Patrol, Los Angeles, CA
Gina Rondazzo, Wild #3, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Shawna Gibbs, The Entrance, Claremont, NH
Al Palmer, Untitled, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
David Welch, Draining Chickens, Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Christine Pearl, Hula Hoop, Washington DC
Laura Glabman, Untitled, Hewlett, NY
Helen Jones, Punk, Portland, OR
Elizabeth Ellenwood, Backyard Toys #1, Jamaica Plain, MA
Frank Biringer, Untitled (#H08-015), Doha, Qatar
DeAnn Desilets, Fairytale Mysteries, Bethlehem, PA
BK Skaggs, High Summer, Chandler, AZ
Deb Schwedhelm, Sky and Ryder, Tampa, FL
Michael Grace-Martin, Everyday Glam, Ithaca, NY
Elisabetta Cociani, Untitled, Badia, Italy
Ettore Maragoni, Cars, Naples, Italy
John Marshall Mantel, Good fences make good neighbors, Jackson, NJ
Warren Harold, Pool Queue, Houston, TX
Kristianne Koch Riddle, …he would show me how to play (If I Had A Brother), San Clemente, CA
Jan Garcia, Lazy Afternoon Poolside, Surprise, AZ
Vicki Reed, Potting Shed, Cedarburg, WI
Steve Davis, Near Orland, CA
Bill Chapman, Boston: my backyard, Boston, MA
D Kelly, Springtime Front Yard, NJ
Mark Indig, Chairs, Los Angeles, CA
Lauren Grabelle, Sugar Under the Hammock, Bigfork, MT
Mark Kalan, Lawn Bunnies, Valley Cottage, NY
Bruce Morton, high water boat, Quincy, IL
Mike Whiteley, Rainbow Tree, Lincoln. NE
Suzanne Révy, Weeds, Carlisle, MA
Domenico Foschi, Marissa’s Chairs, Whittier, CA
Mark Collins, Cerro Pedernal, Abiquiu, NM
Maggie Meiners, Le Cafe, Winnetka, IL
Deanna Dikeman, Toasting Marshmallows, Sioux City, IA
Adrienne Villar, Buddy, AR
Kati Mennett, Look!, Sandwich, MA
Clare O’Neill, Untitled from the Summertime Fun series, Nambe, NMContinue to Part Four

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