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The 2017 Summer Fun Exhibition

©Megan Crawford, Blue Jean, California

Happy Summer! On this day of fireworks, BBQ’s, and red, white, and blue by the beach, we hope you all have your cameras at the ready. Thank you for your wonderful submissions and a huge thank you to Julia Martin for compiling today’s post.

©Philip Arnold, Water Park, Columbus, Ohio

©Kathryn Reichert, Chena Lakes Rec Area, North Pole, AK

©Martin Elkort, Tug of War, Camp Onibar, The Poconos PA 1946

©Sarah Hadley, Summer Corn, Muskegon, MI

©Benjamin Dimmitt, Evening Paddle, Chassahowitzka N.W.R., FL

©Kristen Emack, Sidewalk, Cambridge, MA

©Deanna Dikeman, Bubble pipe, Columbia, MO

©Mary Anne Mitchell, Both Adrift, Lakemont, GA

©Paul Morris, Surfin’ U.K., Devon, England

©Danny Allegretti, Sunday, Popham Beach, ME

©Francisco Diaz + Deb Young, Scattered, Seaside Heights, NJ

©Karlo Flores, The Ugly duckling, Davao City, Philippines

©Michael P Martin, Rancho Seco Park, Herald, California

©Sally Ann Field, Poor Little #9, Ventura, CA

©Diane Hemingway, Swimming in Maine, Belfast, ME

©Garret M. Clarke, ダンス・ダンス・ダンス, Taipei, Taiwan

©Charley Star, Bubble Gum, Malibu, CA

©Andi Schreiber, Neighbors, Scarsdale, NY

©Amanda Villegas, Zoey and Brianna, Azusa, CA

©Tytia Habing, Summer Haircut, Illinois

©Vicki Hunt, Explore, Atlanta, GA

©Suzanne Révy, Pool Party, Carlisle, MA

©Maureen Bond, Meet me at the Fair, Los Angeles, CA

©Leslie Jean-Bart, Untitled, Coney Island, NY

©Jane Paradise, Rain on the Beach, Provincetown, MA

©Gloria Baker Feinstein, Waterfront Park, Portland, Oregon

©Merethe Wessel-Berg, Joy, Vietnam

©Lawrence Schwartzwald, Sisters, New York, NY

©Dale Niles, Sprinkler Time, Fayetteville, GA

©Sonia Melnikova-Raich, Summer In the City, Spain

©Natalia Lopera, Tomando el sol, Medellín, Colombia

©Karen Baker, Swinging Baby, Winnemucca, NV

©Thirathomrongkiat Kukkong, Find Fun, Koh Chang, Thailand

©Monica Wiesblott, While I dream, Big Sur, CA

©Deena Feinberg, The Screening, Hyde Park, NY

©Emiliano Negrini, Ortigia, Siracusa, IT

©Chris Little, Nice, Nice, FR

©Yvette Meltzer, Summer Shower, San Diego, CA

©Julia Wilson, This Is Water, Savannah, Georgia

©Frank Marcacci, Summer Storm, Switzerland


©Lisa McCord, BEER TOSS, Heber Springs, Arkansas


©Brandon Kapelow, Spencer, Jackson Hole, WY

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