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The 2019 Kiss Exhibition


©Sarah C. Midkiff, Evidence of Wendy and Charlie’s first kiss, Carbondale, IL

In the last couple of years, I understand the importance of photographing people kissing. It’s a tonic for all the fighting and mud slinging that goes on in our world and makes us realize that there are more important things to spend our time doing…things like kissing! Thank you to all who submitted!

On this day of professing love, I am extending my love to those who make this site what it is…the behind the scenes people like Jonas Yip and Brian Van de Wetering who solve all the glitches and Clay Lipsky who can turn around a design with record speed, the active daily promoters of the site: Val Patterson, Julia Bennett, Patty Lemke, and Paula Riff, the wonderful writers and editors: Linda Alterwitz, Daniel George, Amanda Dalgren, Megan Ross, Brennan Booker, and The States Project Editors…well, and so many more….and I don’t want to forget two people that were so critical to the site, Grant Gill and Sarah Stankey who are off at grad school making waves in the photo world. I love you and thank you and wish you the most wonderful Valentine’s Day!


©Jim Baab, The Kiss, Palm Springs, CA

Hands of Love-1-2

©Linda Morrow, Hands of Love, Long Beach, CA


©Ken Rosenthal, Untitled outtake from the series Days Between, Paris, France


©Mildred Alpern, Lip and Nose Lock, Brooklyn, NY


©Abdullah Al Mahmud, Always We, Lake Tahoe

THE KISS Rory Doyle

©Rory Doyle, Light Shining Down on True Cowboy Love, Ruleville MS


© Marie Triller, Self-portrait with Lovers at the Kootsie Ball, Buffalo, NY


©Leslie Jean-Bart, A Kiss In The Shadow, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY


©Wednesday Aja, Kiss and tell, San Clemente, CA,

Lenscratch Entry_The Kiss_Ruan Redelinghuys

©Ruan Redelinghuys, The Lakes, Wilderness, South Africa


©Courtney Duncan Self and Love Angel Oak Tree- Charleston, SC

The Kiss

©Stan Banos, The Kiss, San Francisco

©constancebrinkley Meto Kiss

©Constance Brinkley, Metro Kiss, Paris, France


©Mark Coggins, Kiss of the Sleeping Boy, Paris, France

The Rebels

© Mariam Magsi 2018, The Rebels, Toronto, Canada, Featuring: Lucinda & Jenica


©Laura Husar Garcia, The Kiss, Mexico City, Mx


©Carl Moore, Along the Weir, El Chapuzon, Bayamo, Cuba


©Austin Reynolds, Young Lust, Santa Rosa, CA


©Russ Rowland, Except You Ravish Me, New York, NY

Brooklyn Bridge Kiss copy

©Rick Kopstein, Brooklyn Bridge Kiss, Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

The Kiss, Erica Reade

©Erica Reade, Beach Lovers: The Kiss, Fort Tilden Beach, Queens NY, 2015. from the series Beach Lovers

Nathanael Fournier, The kiss, Toulouse, France

©Nathanael Fournier, The kiss, Toulouse, France

Best Buddies

@Mara Zaslove, Kissing Cousins, Santa Monica, CA

©ninaweinbergdoran,untitled,Oaxaca, Mexico,

©Nina Weinberg Doran, untitled, Oaxaca, Mexico


©Angie Candell, Tealights at Midnight, Pittsburgh, PA


©Dustin Shores, Lolo, Goose Creek, SC

Kissing Booth

©Rob Lutz, Kissing Booth, BrewHaHa Cafe Pensacola, FL


©Paul Matzner, Puppy Love, Brooklyn

Nicole Serena Calyx Kiss

©John Murphy, Nicole, Serena, and Calyx, New Paltz, NY


©Victor Ramos, Sunset Kiss, Ventura, CA

Melanie_Patris_With Love

©Mélanie Patris, This is Love, Neuchâtel, CH (Switzerland)


©Mark Pariani, Public Display of Flowers, Jacksonville, FL


©Sharon Johnson Tennant, Etched in Stone, Siem Reap, Cambodia


©Dan Rodriguez, The Kiss, Venice, IT


©Serg Garkus, Daughter Kiss, Ternopil, Ukraine

©Judi Iranyi

©Judi Iranyi, Michael and Lady, San Francisco, CA

Basak Prince, The Kiss_

©Basak Prince, The Unexpected Kiss, Boyle Heights, CA

Lenscratch-The Kiss

© Alberto Mesirca, At the Tram Stop, Bruxelles, Belgium

Father and Son

©Stephen Snowder, Father and Son, Oxford, PA


©Rhonda Boocock, Twins Kiss, Chattanooga, TN


@Kristen Joy Emack, Kiss, Cambridge, MA

Black and white photo of a mother gull feeding its baby on a Lake Pontchartrain pier.

©Jan Arrigo, True Love, Slidell, LA

Friendly Clouds

©Diane Cockerill, Friendly Clouds, Los Angeles, CA


@Lisa Marie Stevens, “Kissin’ Cousins”, Pilcher Park, Joliet, IL

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