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The 2022 Where Are We Now Exhibition


©Rusty J. Joerin, End Genocide Now, Qualicum Beach BC, @woodsgift

Two years ago, we began a new reality–a reality of living with uncertainty, of wearing masks and staying at home. Those early days of the pandemic were at once frightening and life changing as we began to re-evaulate our lives, now limited and constrained. and considered new ways of making work. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The announcement followed a rising sense of alarm over a new, potentially lethal virus that was swiftly spreading around the world.

On March 12th, 2020, I was reviewing portfolios for FotoFest in Houston, an event that immediately followed the SPE National conference, also in Houston–both events were attended by hundreds of photographers. At SPE, we hugged old friends, shared beers and conversation and didn’t question what was ahead. Literally 4 days later, we began to pull away each other at FotoFest—none of us had masks or gloves and we were panicked about the future, just wanting to be home.

A week later, I posted a call for The 2020 Self-Quaranting Exhibition, which ran on April 1,2020. I was totally amazed by  how many artists were already hard at work about this new reality. I was so proud of this exhibition, which I think may have been the first official showcase of pandemic work.

Today, two years later, we feature the 2022 Where Are We Now Exhibition. Interestingly, the work submitted echos work from two years ago as we still exist in a state of limbo, now with the global crisis of Ukraine. Thank you to all who submitted and thank you to this remarkable community that has provided so much support to so many during this time.

Jane Waggoner Deschner

©Jane Waggoner Deschner “from the PPE mask series (Sacred Heart Jesus, portraits)” Billings, MT (hand-embroidered found studio portraits and holy cards), Instagram: @janedeschner1/


©Erica Kelly Martin, 2022 Positive Negative Los Angeles, CA @ericakellymartin


©Michael Bach, Covid-19 notice, Troy, NY,@michaelbach

@clair_robins_Have we

©Clair Robins, Have we escaped?, Leicester UK @clairscollections


©Kristianne Riddle, Afloat But Held Against the Strand, San Clemente, CA @kristiannephotographs

David Lancaster

©Dr. David Lanacster DO, BROKEN-Why, Columbia, MO, @DavidLancPhotos


©Luiz Bicalho, Frontline Profiles #8, North Dartmouth, MA @Luizf_mb


©Karen Carson, “Gratitude & Funk”, Rome, Italy @pinholemama

SCAD Savannah – 2020F – Photography – Student Work – Luna Hao – Shandong, China – untitled – photograph, inkjet print – Image by the artist, courtesy of SCAD

©Lingxue Hao, Favorite Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA @luna___hao


©Sarah Haske, Mask Down, Savannah, GA @sarahehaskephoto


©Karen Glenn, Masks Off, Honolulu, HI @karenjglenn

Juli Isola Remembering Kevin

©Juli Isola, Remembering Kevin, San Clemente, CA @juliisolaphotography


©Megan Bent, Still High-Risk/Still Masking, 2022, West Hartford, CT, @m_e_g_g_i_e_b


©Merry Reimler, Still Anxious, Minneapolis, MN @squaremerry


©Marion Faymonville, Still in the Window, San Francisco, CA @monvilon


©Maru Fitzmaurice, Untittled, Mérida, Yucatán, México @marufitz


©Jo Ann Chaus, Screened In Porch, Massachusetts @joann_chaus


©Yorgos Efthymiadis, Descending, Thessaloniki, Greece @yorgosphoto


© Renato Rampolla. Trepidation. Tampa, Florida @RenatoRampolla


©Rebecca Uliczka, Hesitation, México, @rebekunstphoto

jenny.papalexandris_The WHERE ARE WE NOW

©Jenny Papalexandris, Parents in Amber, Kiama, NSW, AU @jenny_papalexandris

My father is now living in an aged care facility. In January 2022, he tested positive to covid 19. He spent his 90th birthday in red lockdown with no one from his family able to see him. In this image taken during Easter 2021, he is at the threshold of his family home about to spend time with us all. I don’t know if he will ever return to his home again.

Deniz Tunalıer

©Deniz Tunalıer, Puppet, Ankara, Türkiye, @deniztunalier


©Christina Hudson, Downtown, Athens, Greece @christinahudson825


©Adele Quartley Brown, HoldingOn, New York, NY @emptyorangechair

Coco McCabe

© Coco McCabe, Still Obsessing, Ipswich, MA @cocomccabe



©Jennifer MacNeill, At the Museum, Philadelphia, PA @jmacneillphoto


©Lisa Guerriero, Think of Something Beautiful, Hollywood, CA @analogstreets

©Uprooting_Traci Marie Lee_Where Are We Now

©Traci Marie Lee, Uprooting, Palm Coast, FL @tracimarielee


©Liza Lukashevich, Together, Minsk, Belarus @mephotoby

_via Zoom . . . Artist . . . born during the Pandemic_ - Robert Nielsen

© Robert Nielsen, “via Zoom . . . Artist . . . born during the Pandemic”, Brooklyn, New York, @robertnielseninstagram


©Anemona Knut, WAR – How many people would just wish to cover their head with a stinky blanket and for a moment pretend they are not here?, Calais, FR, @anemonkey


©Sarah Ann Austin, Only ME. Mackinac Ferry, Lake Michigan. @sa_squared


© Jon Feinstein, Saturday and Sunday, Seattle, WA. @jonfeinstein


©Sylvie Redmond, Still Here, Minneapolis, MN @sylvieredmondphoto


©John M. Barbiaux, Bath Time, Mars, PA @PhotolisticLife

Amber Lee Williams submission

©Amber Lee Williams, Stress Ball, Ontario, Canada,


©Paul Matzner, Reunited, Florida

Victoria Mara Heilweil_Tension and Care

©Victoria Mara Heilweil, Tension and Care, San Francisco, CA @victoriamaraheilweil


© Giulia Hrvatin, Please Touch Me, Rome, Italy @giuliahrvatin

MG Vander Elst

©MG Vander Elst, How does my body hold me in this moment and time ? Brooklyn, New York @MGVanderElst_images


©Susan Moffat, My Cousin with Twisted Ankle, Lordville, NY @susanmoffatphotography

EMPTY CHAIR (Into the Light)

©marthannayater, EMPTY CHAIR, Athens, AL @marthannayater


©Judi Iranyi, Cactus, San Francisco, CA


©Maria Siorba, Present, Athens, Greece @mariasiorba


©Faustinus Deraet, Sanitizer, Mexico City, @faustinus

Marta Feinstein

©Marta Feinstein, Through The Tears, Los Angeles, CA

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