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I love Halloween…I missed what seemed-like-a great opening with friends Liz Kuball, Lydia Marcus, Angela Marklew, Catharine Stebbins, Maya Tasaka, and Jacqueline Truong at the Shotgun Space Gallery, in order to hang around the hood and see all the kids…this year the costumes seemed more fantastic than ever–a tornado, a ball of yarn, a huge flip flop, a loofa, bubble gum, etc. I was thinking about what a great night it is, handing out candy and meeting the neighbors–there’s a house up the street that provides “treats” for adults with a full bar…my kind of people….and my smarty pants dog, dresesed as a dragon, figured out that if she sat on the other side of the door, she might get a “treat” too..sort of “tricked” me into it.

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