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Laurie Lambrecht

Today I am featuring two more Review LA participants, Laurie Lambrecht and Ellen Small.

Laurie Lambrecht attended Review LA last year, and I didn’t get a chance to digest her large and luscious prints as long as I would have liked, so it was a treat to see them again, along with new additions, this year. There is something mesmerizing about this work–the size, the color, the delicacy, almost like Japanese tapestries that are perfectly edited and lovely, that you want to be looking at them for a long time.

” Often a symbol of strength and stability, trees provide visual poetry for our life and its cycles. Throughout history, literature and painting have depicted the ever-changing language of landscape. With appreciation of this tradition, it is the tree that I have chosen to study. Over the past decade I have been photographing trees in urban areas, often revisiting and further exploring their individual character. This series of photographs was begun in November 2004 on the edge of Lake Zurich, Switzerland. To date there are approximately 25 photographs in the series. They are photographed at the end of the day in the silent moments before the dark takes over.Two inspired influences to my vision are my experiences of dancing and weaving. Both cause me to think about the static aspects of trees as well as their growth and movement. Working in textile design for a decade has sharpened my awareness to the layers and filters created by trees and branches. In my work I celebrate their form, subtlety and enduring presence.”

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