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Flickr Charity Print Auction

The amazing thing about our photographic community is how much we give back. Many of us donate numerous prints each year to photography and charitable organizations to help keep them running, and recently a group of photographers started Collect*Give to support charities of their choice.

Yesterday I posted about a group that started an online auction to support Haiti, and today Arianna Sannesi made me aware of another group on Flickr. This Charity Print Auction, started by Andy Newson, of East Sussex, England, allows buyers to purchase directly from the photographer. Perhaps you would like to donate or purchase prints, and this is how it works (in Andy’s words):

On Friday 15th January 2010 I decided to star this group. A group dedicated to raising money for charities and in particular, natural disasters like the recent earthquake in Haiti.

How it works.
1) We want people to offer just one image to be printed as an art print.
2) Then invite people to bid in the comments. The highest bidder on the set date will win the auction and the print.
3) The photographer will pay for the print to be produced and postage to the winning bidder.
4) The winning bidder will go and donate their winning amount to the specified charity and take a screen grab of the confirmation of their donation and email to the photographer for proof that they’ve paid.

Just a small selection….

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