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Right about the time you are reading this post, I am going to be sitting in a large ballroom in Portland, spreading my portfolio in front of a significant gallerists, curators, editors, and persons in-the-know. This is the third time that I have attended Photolucida, an amazing photography event in Portland (it occurs every two years), and as life would have it, I’m am hardly ready. April presented me with a platter full of exhibitions opportunities, and the Earthquake in Japan presented a whole other project, Life Support Japan, and all my energies went elsewhere. But no matter, I will still show up and happily participate.

a four day intensive portfolio review, combined with lectures, exhibitions, and lots of connecting with other photographers. Along with all the positive, comes the stress of preparing the work, the “leave-behinds”, figuring out the reviewers to select, and ultimately why you are going and what you want out of the experience. This process brings up all the not so positive part of being an artist–doubt, fear, and questioning. What ultimately helps carry one through these events is seeing a familiar name on a name tag, or a smiling face makes the experience so much richer. I am looking forward to finally meeting long time e-mail friends, and meeting new photographers and experiencing their work. And I am looking forward to spending time with a group of Los Angeles Photographers attending the event.

Portland will be ready for us, offering a host of wonderful exhibitions (and a lot of rain). Next week, I will give a full review of the event and begin to share some of the terrific work I’m sure I will be seeing. For now, think good thoughts, and wish us all luck!

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