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David Shrigley

This week features a number of photographers that work with humor, puns, and pranks, and our very own LENSCRATCH Visual Pranks and Puns Exhibition will be featured on Monday. I thought I’d start the week off with some work I featured three years ago and still love, love, love.

We need a little levity in our lives, and David Shrigley might be just the person to provide it for us. An illustrator, animator, sculptor, photographer, and tatoo collector, David keeps us in on the joke. These photographs are from 1997-2004, but revisiting them, still makes me happy. You might want to click on the image to read the text. His site is full of all sorts of artistic exploration that is simple, funny, and thoughtful.

I have started noticing David Shrigley objects in gift shops and his work turning up in all sorts of places. That makes me happy.

Images by David Shrigley

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