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The Santa Fe Workshops

When I flew to Santa Fe on Tuesday to teach The Big Picture workshop, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never taken a destination workshop, much less taught one for four days straight. After the culmination of a delicious, yet intense week and several 14 hour days, I am humbled and renewed by the experience.

The Santa Fe Workshops are a well-oiled machine, but the people who keep it running so beautifully are far from machine-like. I encountered so much warmth and welcoming, an unusual level of appreciation for the faculty and students, and a program that allowed for learning, inspiration, good food, and new relationships. It was an atmosphere of joy and excitement and Director Reid Callanan set the tone with grace and enthusiasm.

Last night, the 5 classes had their final presentations, and each teacher had to speak about their class, with a slide show to follow. I didn’t expect to get choked up, but I did, because I have made a group of new friends who I respect and admire. Thank you to all at the workshops for making my stay so special, huge thank yous to Brandon Johnson for all of his amazing assistance, and finally thank you to the wonderful photographers who came from all across the country to share in this experience. I look forward to all of their successes!

Sally deFord, Untitled

Santiago Vanegas, Antarctica #1823

Randy Karg, Self Portrait

Brandon Johnson, from Cowboy and the Angel

Yvette Meltzer, from Picasso’s Playground

Jay Ritter, Abstract #4

Alex Arzt, from Human Animal

Christa Blackwood, Hanukkah, France’s crib, wetplate

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