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The 2012 LENSCRATCH Mother’s Day Post, Part 2

©Terri GoldMom and Aunt Rita on my mothers wedding day, The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NY 8/4/1946
My father had just returned from the pacific theater of World War 2. My mom is gone now but my fabulous Aunt Rita is still alive and well and the matriarch of the family.
I will spend Mothers Day with her and our family  including 12 great grand children.
©Faustinus DeraetHappy Ride, Tokyo, Japan
©Lisa BlairMar’s Glasses, Santa Fe, NM 
©Deanna WitmanA Mother Mends, Pennsylvania
©Bootsy Holler, Visiting Ginger 1958, Richland, WA
©Nicole Larrondo, Mom after the earthquake, Santiago, Chile
©Nicole Larrondo, Grandma, Diego and Narnia, Santiago, Chile
©Ali DonnellyGrandmother, Charlottesville, VA 
©Aileen ReillyDaughter Helping Mother Walk, Harpswell, Maine
Taken this past summer, this is my mom (67), helping her mother (93), my grandmother, walk and maintain balance.  Now, however, my grandmother  is mostly in a wheelchair and her brain continues to deteriorate from alzheimer’s.  My mother has put her life on hold to move to her parents, 1000 miles away, to continue to help them maintain balance ~ physically, mentally, and emotionally.
©Lauren JackIndia #4, Agra, India 
©Sean Miller aka Aldo Baxter, MOTHA, Grand Tetons National Park Wyoming
©Mark HobsonAlice and her daughters, Cherry Hill, NJ 
©Ahmer InamAmmi, New Delhi, India
Susan Stayer, Ma With a Friend, Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, OH
Heather Evans SmithMe and You, Winston-Salem, NC
This image was taken on my first Mother’s Day. What started out as a
self-portrait, quickly turned into a mother/daughter session when my
daughter refused to be put down. I couldn’t imagine the image any
other way now
©Danielle Rene’ Khoury, Secure, Fort Worth, TX
 ©Jane Gottlieb, Mom at 2, Newark, NJ
My Mom had an interesting, difficult life & died way too young. I think about her everyday since she died 30 years ago. Here she is at 21 looking beautiful & mysterious…wish I had known her then!
©Laurie McCormickLora, Yonkers, NY
I took this of my mother back in the early 60’s when she took me to a camera store to buy film for my camera…
©Heidi KirkpatrickMother, Springfield, Ohio
©Phil BrownMum Turns Sixty, London, England
©Robbie KayeStaying Til the End of the Party, New York, NY 
©Estelle DischMom and Molly, cerca 1985, Lynbrook, NY
Molly was an unpettable cat who would bite when touched but who liked to be near people. My mother Helen, a true animal lover, provided a special chair for Molly so that they could watch TV together every evening without challenging Molly’s boundaries.
©Dagmar VyhnálkováBabička, Brandlín, CZ 
©Tytia HabingWatching River Rats, Watson, Illinois
My mother is the heart and soul of our family.  Without her, we would be lost.
©Consuelo MendezFabbiana’s first mothersday, Caracas,Venezuela
©Harris Dunlap, The Family (most of it), Seattle, WA 
In my family it is my mother that keeps us together. She keeps us informed  of each other’s goings on lest we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget about each other.
©Russ RowlandMom: A Still Life, New York, NY
©Patrick CobbJana and Ruby, Fairbanks, AK
© Alessandra Tecla Gerevini, Selfportrait with Mother, Hamata-Berenice, Egypt
© Ryan HoffmanMother of Two, Mesa, Arizona
© Sophia Cecilia Waterhouse, My Amazing Grandmother, North London

© Gary GeboyThe Shepherds, Ecuador
© James FriedmanMom, Columbus, Ohio
© Elaine MinionisCare, from Our Neighbors, Barrio El Calvario del Hatillo, Caracas/Venezuela
© Julia KozerskiHer Impression, Milwaukee, WI
© Dominic Rouse,  Come to mother,  UK

© Rhonda PrinceMom with flapper cap, Tampa, FL

© Valerie PattersonPrimitiva, Manila, Philippines 
© Shannon Rowland O’ConnorTheresa and little kitty, Los Angeles, CA
© Anita Masterson JohnstonTo Mom with Love, Lone Pine, NE 
©Dennis StewartSunday Driver, Halifax, Nova Scotia
© Ramir OliveiraHome, London, UK
© Justin VisneskyWhen We Were Younger, Indiana, PA
Aline SmithsonDonna Reading and Roy Imagining, Massachusetts
In honor of an amazing mother who has
successfully launched my wonderful godson into the world.
Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Graduation!
©Aline Smithson and Tom ChambersRough Road
To my mother, Katrine, who gave me a sense of self, 
a sense of humor, and the ability to love.

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