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Natalie Krick: Natural Deceptions

Mom laying in the front yard 2012

Natalie Krick recently opened an exhibition, Natural Deceptions, at the Coat Check Gallery, part of the David Weinberg Gallery in Chicago that will run through September 14th. I had to chance to meet Natalie at the Filter Photo Festival last year and have watch her series evolve and become richer over time.

Natalie Krick was born in Portland Oregon and moved to Fort Collins Colorado as a teenager. Fueled by her fascination with popular culture, Krick makes photographs that mimic cliche images of sexuality and beauty. In her ongoing project Natural Deceptions, she photographs her mother and herself to explore the darkness associated with a fluctuating identity as well as her own conflicting attraction and aversion to images of sexualized glamorous women. She has most recently exhibited in Chicago at Johalla Projects in the group show Archetype Drift and the 16th International Open at Woman Made Gallery. This year she is an artist in residence for the South Logan Arts Coalition, a non-for-profit organization which grants studio spaces to artists in storefront spaces located in Logan Square. She received an MFA from Columbia College Chicago in 2012 and a BFA from School of Visual Arts in 2008.

Natural Deceptions
The photographs that I make with my mother are fueled by my conflicting attraction and aversion to popular culture.  I am fascinated with perceptions of the sexualized body and the intersection between the ubiquitous and the taboo nature of sexuality. I photograph to portray beauty as artificial, flawed, threatening, psychological, seductive and garish.
Self portrait in the hallway 2012
Mom wearing lipstick in bed 2011
Still life on the bedroom floor with playboy spread, legs and fabric
Mom as me as a teenager 2012
Mom after Greta 2012
Mom hanging on the telephone 2013
Mom in front of the shower curtain 2012
Mom and Dad, ok cupid date #2 2013
Mom with skittles in her shirt 2011
Self portrait as a blonde 2013
Mom in the front yard 2013
Mom as a blonde 2011
Mom lifting her shirt 2011
Mom and me 2013

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