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Tami Bone: Of Magic and Myth

Night Texas photographer Tami Bone recently opened an exhibition, Of Magic and Myth, along with Fran Forman, at the Photo Methode Gallery in Austin, Texas. The show’s official opening celebration is this Friday, September 20th (running through October 31st), and Tami will be speaking about her work at 6 pm. Fran Forman will be lecturing on October 18th (more on Fran in a future post). The exhibition is a delightful combination of sensibilities–both photographers construct images, creating new worlds that explore the past and the future and dip into magical realms. Their visual narrations are at once whimsical, poignant and have meanings deeper than what’s on the surface.

Born in South Texas,  Tami now lives in Austin, Texas and engages photography as a means of story telling and self-expression, with a knowing that the stories we tell form our personal truths and unique folklore. She believes that our stories, both true and imagined, are significant and have the power to shape our lives, before finally, they become our lives. While her recent body of work, Mythos, is her own tale, it is a token of the shared mystery that binds us together.

Tami’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in invitational group exhibitions, juried exhibitions, and solo exhibitions. She has received numerous awards and recognitions, including being named one of the Best of the Best Emerging Fine Art Photographers by BW Gallerist; selection as a Photolucida Critical Mass Finalist, a Photo Review Competition Winner, and a Review Santa Fe Participant. Her work has been featured in Aether Magazine, and was recently published in the United Kingdom’s Black+White Magazine.
Moon River


The Mythos series is inspired by Tami Bone’s childhood in deep South Texas, and one that held more than the usual share of mystery. Her mind, always busy with imaginings, was also trying to see past the veil of obscurity that was her normal. Not knowing the people she came from, or how she came to be where she was, led to a heightened sense of wonder. This wonder imbued most everything; as long as she can remember, it has been entwined with a sense of hope and possibility.

Mythos developed from these early queries, of trying to see the unseeable and to know the unknowable – longings that we all share in some way or another.




Girl In The Moon


The Big Dipper

Bird Dog




Water Snake

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