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Bad Taste: The Lenscratch Instagram Exhibition

Anastasia Chorna__chorrna

©Anastasiia Chorna, IG: chorrna

There simply isn’t enough humor in the photo world, so we decided, with the help of our very capable juror Alexa Dilworth, to have a Lenscratch Instagram Call for Entry focused on Bad Taste.  Julia Bennett, our Visual Media Editor who spearheads our Instagram feed, has been sharing various winning images on our Instagram site, but today we share Alexa Dilworth’s top 24 selects. Her favorite Bad Taste image is the one above, by Anastasiia Chorna.  Congrats to all the photographers who submitted some truly tasteless images!

Juror/Curator Alexa Dilworth is publishing director and senior editor at the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) at Duke University, where she also runs the Awards program, which includes the CDS/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography, the CDS Documentary Essay Prize for Writing and Photography, and the Lange-Taylor Prize.

In 1995 Dilworth was hired by CDS to work for DoubleTake magazine, where she held the position of proofreader, managing editor, and then executive editor. She was also hired as editor of the CDS books program at that time and has coordinated the publishing efforts for every CDS book since 1996—including, most recently, Legendary: Inside the House Ballroom Scene: Photographs by Gerard H. Gaskin; One Place: Paul Kwilecki and Four Decades of Photographs from Decatur County, Georgia; Iraq | Perspectives: Photographs by Benjamin Lowy; and American Studies: Photographs by Jim Dow.

Cody Schlabaugh_codyschlabaugh

©Cody Schlabaugh, IG: codyschlabaugh


©Margy Dudley, IG: margydud

Erica Kelly Martin_visiblelove

©Erica Kelly Martin, IG: visiblelove

Ava Weintraub_avaphotog

©Ava Weintraub, IG: Avaphotog

Dana Stirling_danastirling

©Dana Stirling, IG: dana_stirling

Klaus Enrique_klausenrique

©Klaus Enrique, IG: klausenrique

Zeus Pyle_ __zeus__

©Zeus Pyle, IG: __zeus__

Phyllis Schwartz_queenofmidnight

©Phyllis Schwartz, IG: queenofmidnight

Julie Grace Immink_formandgroove

©Julie Grace Immink, IG: formandgroove

Wesley Brown_jwesleybrown

©J.Wesley Brown, IG: jwesleybrown


©Keith Goldstein, IG: keithbg

Thisbe Nissen_onegreytoe

©Thisbe Nissen, IG: onegreytoe

Sam Stamler_samstamler

©Sam Stamler, IG: atsamstamler


©Gina Costa, IG: gcoasta9


©Sally Ann Field, IG: sallyannfield

Michael Martin_mpmartin

©Michael Martin, IG: mpmartin

Roasted Pigeon

©Chen Xiang Yun, IG: humanbeef

©Cindy Scroggins, IG: incindio

Charlotte Woolf_charfromcharlotte

©Charlotte Woolf, IG: charfromcharlotte

Daniele Robotti_danirobotti

©Daniele Robotti, IG: danirobotti

Alexander Diaz_ alexander_diaz_photo

©Alexander Diaz, IG: alexander_diaz_photo

Jesse Koechling_koechling

©Jesse Koechling, IG: koechling

Barbra Walker_barbralou

©Barbara Walker, IG: barbralou

Samir Abady_samir_

©Samir Abady, IG: samir_

Don’t forget to submit to our newest exhibition on Lenscratch, The Last Days of Summer. You can only submit one image and all images are posted! Due August 15th….

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