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The 2017 The Dinner Table Exhibition

©Vicki Reed, The Family Table, Cedarburg, WI

Happy Thanksgiving!  For some people, Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday, free from buying gifts and holiday stress, surrounded by friends and family where food is the main event. On the other hand, sometimes these traditions and trips bring a whole other set of baggage. But today we celebrate place where it all happens, at The Dinner Table.

Since this is a day for giving thanks, first a huge thank you to the Lenscratch staff who works hard to celebrate all things photography, in particular Daniel Chung and Daniel McCullough who helped craft this post. And finally, a huge thank you to those who submitted and to our readers.

And now, The 2017 Dinner Table Exhibition!

©Mike Whiteley, The Last Supper, Harlan, IA

©Nancy Baron, So Many Benjamins, Los Angeles, CA

New York Street Scene--Woman eating lunch on 19th street in front of a mural of a dining room table. Exclusive photo by Lawrence Schwartzwald

©Lawrence Schwartzwald, Dining Out, New York, NY

©Rosa Lacavalla, The Picnic – From FOCU series, Sicily, Italy

©Thilo Rohländer, broken family, Dortmund, Germany

Lighting the Candles

©Nancy Edelstein, Lighting the Candles, Seattle, WA

©Astrid Reischwitz, Spinneklump (Spin Club) from Stories from the Kitchen Table, Germany/Massachusetts

©Jennifer Shaw, Flood State 029, New Orleans, LA

©Benjamin Dimmitt, “What?!”, Clearwater, FL

©Ian MacLellan, Passover Seder Pinhole, Somerville, MA

©Berton Chang, After Hotpot, Hong Kong


©Maude Smith May, Sumner, Mississippi 1973

©Ledokollov Vitalii, Characters in the Red. Culmination. (series “Lenses”), Kyiv, Ukraine

©Mary Economidy, Table for One, Chicago, IL

©Helen Galioto, Grandpa, Bronx, NY


©Carol Serur, “Sunday Brunch on the Lake,” Austin, Texas

©Carl Shubs, Napkins and Glass Flute – 1, Los Angeles, CA


© Phyllis Schwartz, Fireside Dinner Table, Santa Fe, NM

©Tom Chambers, Glass Flower, Merida, Mexico

©Anthony Grippa, “El Bandito,” Spring Valley, NY

©Daniel McCullough, “Crivitz”, Milwaukee, WI

©Paul Morris, Becky and Katie at Breakfast, Barend, Scotland

©Joey Potter, Stressed Out, Stone Mountain, GA

©Jim McKinniss, Reading the Menu, Venice, Italy

©Alberto Mesirca, Family at the Table, Oman

©Suzanne Révy, After Dinner, Carlisle, MA

©Clara Williams, Sunday Dinner, Cartersville, GA

©Nick Tarasov, Slippers, Saint Petersburg, Russia

©Andi Schreiber, On-the-Go, New York, NY

©Panos Lambrou, Lobster Dinner, West Orange, NJ

©Sally Ann Field, Thanksgiving Dinner 1973, Warsaw, NY

©Ashley Kauschinger, Cherry Filling, Alpharetta, GA

©Yvette Meltzer, Space for the Turkey, Northbrook, IL

©Russ Rowland, Tryptophan Dream, New York, NY

©Maude Clay, Nana at Christmas table with Ophelia Madden, Jasper Staples, and Annie Lee, Sumner, MS

©Dennis Church, Maternal Grandparents at Thanksgiving Dinner, Rural Route 4 Osage, IA

©Monica Denevan, Private Room, China

©Conner Gordon, Untitled, Winona Lake, IN

©Ellen Cantor, LemonMeringue ,Laguna Woods, CA

©Susan Rosenberg Jones, Chasidic Wedding, Kiryas Joel, NY

©Ira Weinschel, Waiting for Pancakes, Austin, TX

©Meg Griffiths, Cienfuegos, Cuba

©Michael Evans, Mauricio and Jesus, Libano, Colombia

©Safi Alia Shabaik, Untitled, Los Angeles, CA

©Robin Tryloff, Father, Evanston, IL


©Aline Smithson, Dinner, Killington, VT

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