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The 2021 Artist Intervenes Exhibition

Diannewhyte A Delicate Repair

©Dianne Whyte, A Delicate Repair, Dublin IG @dianne_whyte_photography

First Place Winner, Dianne Whyte

I know it’s a cliche to read how difficult it was for a juror to select from a pool of incredible works for an online exhibition, but even more challenging, selecting the pieces for the top awards.  As a visual artist myself, I could envision the difficulty of each work submitted and the effort involved to weave tales and stories through the use of cutting, sewing, assemblage and abstract vernaculars – contemporary, or from years past.  The works that moved me the most were images that tugged at my center line, that made me pause and ask, “..who is this artist and what else do they have to say?”  The challenge in curating this exhibition was falling in love with so many works.

It has been an honor to select these works.  If your image was not selected it was not that your work was without merit, rather I envisioned a broad range of works that spoke to a long history of photography not as the main focus, but rather a tool to collaborate meaning and intimacy in a single image. This is not easy.  Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for submitting your work.  Adriene Hughes, Juror

Andre Ramos-Woodard

© André Ramos-Woodard, Things Fall Apart, Collage of archival inkjet print, tape, and paper cut outs, Albuquerque, NM IG @andreduane

Second Place Winner, André Ramos-Woodard


©Melissa Zexter Woman with Vase, 2021 hand sewing (thread) on gelatin silver prints © Melissa Zexter, Woman with Vase, Brooklyn, NY IG : @melissazexter

Third Place Winner, Melissa Zexter


©Maggie Callahan, The Man in the Shadows, Atlanta, GA, Collage with found photographs. IG: @maagggss

Honorable Mention, Maggie Callahan

Jane Waggoner Deschner

© Jane Waggoner Deschner, “from the vanitas series (Madonna)” hand-embroidered found vintage photographs, prayer cards, glass beads, vintage sequins, cotton, rayon & metallic threads IG: @janedeschner1

Honorable Mention, Jane Waggoner Deschner

Agata Read

©Agata Read, Portrait of a woman, repaired, embroidered photograph, St.leonards-on-Sea, UK, IG @agiread

Honorable Mention, Agata Read


©Julie Hamel, Altered Negatives 1&2 (insect), Loudon, NH, Process: Large format film with bumble bee, leaves, branch, thread, plastic, and tape. Altered blindly in the darkroom IG: @juliehamel_inprogress

Honorable Mention, Julie Hamel

©Cristina Paveri, Golden cyanotype, Pavia, Italy,

©Cristina Paveri, Golden cyanotype, Pavia, Italy

©PatriciaABender_Perspective_Somerset, NJ

©Patricia A Bender, Perspective, Somerset, NJ, collaged oxidized gelatin silver prints with thread, IG: @Patricia__Bender

©Gemma Pepper, Reflecting on the Past, Laupen, Switzerland

©Gemma Pepper, Reflecting on the Past, Laupen, Switzerland, IG: @gempepper, The work is a collage out of two photographs, the first an old photgraph from my collection and the second a shot of an interiour I took in the openair museum in Brienz, Switzerland. The two combined photographs have been painted onto.


©Alex Shchebet, Mother Earth, Marina, CA @shchebetart


©Josh Hobson, After Irma, Photo Assemblage IG @ijosher


©Kevin Hoth, Alpinia 01 (from Immortal Chromatic), Boulder, CO,IG: @kevinhoth

Radiation Contamination & Reimbursement from U.S. Government

©Bootsy Holler, Jack 1964, Family photo, sewn button and handmade stamp, Los Angeles, CA iG – @bootsyholler


©Andrea Carnevali, Uprooted_4, Rome, Italy, Hand scraped Print, the trees have been physically removed from the prints, revealing the paper as a reminder of the tree death IG:@andreacarnevali__


©Kelly Ciurej, Bath Time for Kelly, ’94; found photograph + play-doh; Chicago, IL IG @kellyciurejphoto


©Daniel Orlando, Como la Flor,Tula Tamaulipas MX, IG @danielorlando980


©David Christensen, Your Head in the World #5, IG: …at least, a certain kind of head, in a certain kind of fractured world. This is an analogue image from a series made in the darkroom using found 4×5 inch negatives enlarged onto distressed silver gelatin paper. No one image is alike; the hand-crumpled silver gelatin paper ensures as much. These pictures are resolutely “objects”; one of a kind, idiosyncratic images on paper that call attention to their physicality, their texture and their construction. The performative process of their making – bunching up a piece of silver gelatin paper and then exposing it – is part of the content and quasi-sculptural experimentation of the work. IG @davidochristensen


© David Samuel Stern, Untitled Woven Portrait 14 (2020), Three photographic prints on translucent vellum, physically cut and woven together by hand Dimensions: 30⅝ x 22⅝ x ⅛ in; 77.8 x 57.5 x 0.3 cm IG: @dsamuelstern


©Margo Duvall, Cut 2, Image Transfer and Vintage Sewing patterns on wood IG @marmarstudio

Estelle Vincent

©Estelle Vincent, Saint-Zotique, Montréal, Canada Photograph printed on card sewed (by hand and machine) on found handmade eco paper IG: @estellevincentphotography


©Vanessa Filley, Truing Pieces, cyanotype, watercolor, crochet and thread with cotton papers, IG: @vanessafilley

Gose_Leah_At some point this will sink in

© Leah Gose At some point this will sink in Polaroid Collage Grand Rapids, MI  IG:@leahgose

boerderij rijsoord

©Greet van Dam, ‘I strain my eyes and stand still…’Self portrait in antique cigarette tin with gold wire. (part of a series inspired by the philosophy of wabi sabi) Ridderkerk, the Netherlands IG: gvdam63


©Greg Sand, View of the Sky, Clarksville, TN, Collage of Found Photographs, IG: @gregsandartist


©Brenton Hamilton, Primavera, cyanotype, platinum, collage, Warren, ME IG@brentonhamilton

Corona, 2021

©Heather Evans Smith, Corona, Chapel Hill, NC IG: @heatherevanssmith


©️Natalie Obermaier Aperture Priority 2020 Los Angeles, California IG: Kobramaier


©Ingrid Weyland, Topographies of Fragility, New Zealand IG: @ingridwey

Jiatong Lu

© Jiatong Lu, The Secret Place With Nowhere To Hide, scanned film from a photograph that I shot near my home, with my hair overlapped on it.

JP Terlizzi

© JP Terlizzi, Mrs. Albers from the series Widow’s Weeds, New York, NY IG: @jpterlizzi Process: Mixed Media: Archival pigment print, hand stitched with mourning veil

Kathryn_Mayo-Attic_Playmates 3

©Kathryn Mayo, Attic Playmates #3, Palladium on watercolor paper with embroidery IG: @kathryn_mayo_photo


©Katie Kalkstein, The Net, near Point Reyes, CA, 2014, Process: Sewn photograph printed on Japanese paper IG: @katiekphotoart


©Sandra Klein, Blue Shadow, Los Angeles, CA,, IG: @ SandraKleinPhotography


©Laurie Blakeslee, Spoke Stitched, vintage Montgomery Ward catalog photograph stuck with sewing pins and re-photographed, IF: @lblakesl


©Law Hamilton, Maple Branch in Snow Kintsukuro, Rockport, MA, Torn inkjet print with gold leaf


©Lisa Nebenzahl, Pine + Columbine, Minneapolis, MN, Constructed Photographs, Washi paper with Cyanotype IG: @lisanebenzahl

Missing Dad @ElsieNisonen final

©Elsie Nisonen, Missing Dad, Toronto, Canada, Photo Transfer on vellum + Embroidery


©Monica d. Church, January 21, 2021, Collage on RIVES BFK IG: and @monicadchurch


© Leah Dyjak, Moonraker, Austin, TX IG: @Leah Dyjak Moonraker is a collaged photographic installation that is 60×40″ approximately. It is made of fragments of photographs printed on adhesive paper then placed on the wall.


©Patrick Carew, A Tangible Shred of Hope, Utica, NY @patrick_carew

Ripped Jude Marion

©Jude Marion, Ripped, collage, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, IG: @jude.marion


©Ruihua Liang, Untitled Pain, Jersey City,NJ, IG: @mialiangruihua

San Diego Sequoia National Forest Cleveland National Forest Chandelier Drops Salp Velvetleaf Pods Wood Knot Son Sierra Tiger Lily Corn Lily_Annalise_Neil

© Annalise Neil, San Diego/Sequoia National Forest/Cleveland National Forest: Chandelier Drops, Salp, Velvetleaf Pods, Wood Knot, Son, Sierra Tiger Lily, Corn Lily Watercolor-painted Cyanotype cut and mounted on birch wood panel, San Diego, CA IG: @annalise_neil_studio


© Sarah Deane, Strawboys, collage, London, IG: @deanesphoto


©Charlotte Schmid-Maybach, “Big Forest”, Sewn archival inkjet prints, metallic and mixed thread, acrylic paint, Olympic National Forest, WA and northern California, IG: @clsmstudio


©Suzanne Gonsalez-Smith, Memories From a Midwest Domicile: Olivia in Flames and Gold, Grand Forks, ND IG: @suzannegonsalez

Timothy Tracz _Flora_

©Timothy Tracz, Flora Sherman, TX 75092 (Acrylic transfer from found image, Polaroid transfers, hand applied color) IG: @timtracz


©Tomáš Hetmánek, The Regret, embroidered silver gelatin print – contact printed from paper negative, Istanbul, Turkey. IG:@tomashetmanek .

Mamiya C330

©Victoria Kosel, Mamiya C330, River Falls, WI IG: @vtorikosel


©Diana H. Bloomfield, Winter Light 2020, Bald Head Island, NC Chlorophyll Print (hosta leaf) @dhbloomfieldphoto_dinahlee

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