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Mary Farmilant

I recieved a newsletter from Mary Farmilant, and I was glad to become more familiar with her work. She has several terrific series. The two I am featuring are Hospital and Could You Please. Her work is currently on exhibition in Chicago, where she lives and teaches, at the Woman Made Gallery and at the Columbia College’s Weisman Reading Room.

“I seek out small, incidental, unremarkable elements to photograph. The images explore the liminality in places that relate to memory, narrative and time. They record the impressions made on the physical space – a portrait of society, a moment in time that is once abstract, impressionistic and surreal”

Images from Hospital

Images from Could You Please

“The images in Could you please...are a tribute to an ever changing chaos that I attemt to subdue. They describe the disorder that I see, but my family ignores.”

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