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Father’s Day: Doud DuBois and Phillip Toledano

When I think about honoring father’s, the first two photographers that come to mind are Doug DuBois and Phillip Toledano.

Photographer Doug DuBois has been chronicling his family for some time. Aperture has recently published a book of this work titled, all the days and nights. For over 20 years, Mr. DuBois has shared intimate and emotional moments, ultimately connecting us to his family, his life, and his father with imagery that is profound and compelling.

“Doug DuBois began photographing his family in 1984, prior to his father’s near-fatal fall from a commuter train and his mother’s subsequent breakdown and hospitalizations. While these events set a narrative backdrop to his work, the emotional freight is carried by the details as described by the artist: “the pallor of my mother’s skin, the glare of my father’s gaze and the tactile communion between my sister and nephew constitute a complex and resonant picture of family ties.”

from an earlier post…
If you want to mine the motherload of portraiture and personal expression, be sure to visit Phillip Toledano’s project, Days with my Father. Mr. Toledano is a truly accomplished portrait photographer with two books under his flak vest, Phonesex and Bankrupt, but this personal body of work about his father is really, really compelling. His writing adds insight and a quiet thoughtfulness. When you visit his project site, pull the curser down on the image and click get the next image to appear.

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