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Brandon Juhasz

Brandon Juhasz looks at the world in a unique way. His project, Photographic Phenomena, is a 3-D, off- kilter look at the world around us, poking fun at what we know to be true.

After reading “The Mechanized Bride” by Marshall McLuhan, his photographs took on a new direction as his interest in the psychology of image culture was piqued. Brandon was born in Cleveland and has recently returned to his roots. Besides making work, he writes Hello My Name is Art – Cleveland which is a chronicle of visual arts in his hometown.

The phenomenological nature of photography and the ability the image has to imitate life yet stand in the eyes of many viewers as truth is a great contradiction. There is no truth in photography and the very things we are nourished by are only what we perceive it to be. I hope to make the viewer explore what is recognizable in our mainstream image-saturated culture and question the legitimacy of meaning and the formation of desire caused from such images.

I think about Robert Rauschenberg’s rejection of the abstract expressionist notion that human nature, behavior and potential lie only deep within the self. Instead we are affected more by the world around us, our environments and images. Like Rauschenberg’s collages I take print-outs from the internet and personal photographs and create 3 dimensional paper sculptures. The scene which is made of all printed photographs is then re photographed with no post production manipulation to make a realistic yet fake photo that I hope challenges our perception of truth in photography and comments on how we create our own realities.

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