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Mark Sink

Mark Sink has been a pioneer of Diana imagery since the 1970’s. Living in NYC during the days of disco, Mark had access to Warhol’s Factory and used his plastic Diana to capture famous faces. He also pioneered using toy camera images in his commercial and personal work, had his work featured in Vogue and Details, and recieved his first solo show of Toy Camera imagery in 1985.

Now living in Denver and working as a private art consultant and curator, he also hosts photography workshops with the Denver Darkroom and with Working with Artists.

Mark has shifted gears and is currently working with the collodion wet plate process to bring his vision to life. The Robin Rice Gallery in New York will be showcasing his work in an exhibition that runs from November 11th-December 20th.

Mark’s family heritage in photography runs deep. Sink’s on-going research is on his great grand father photographer James L. Breese, who was the founder, member and primary inspiration for the Camera Club of NY one of the earliest grouping of fine art photographers in America. And further back Samuel Finley Breese Morse, (Breese’s uncle), was “the father of American photography” and inventor of the telegraph. With this legacy in mind Sink, has formed a monthly Salon of artists both on the Internet and in his living room.

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