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The BIG PICTURE Workshop at the Santa Fe Photo Workshops

a photography workshop at the Santa Fe Photo Workshops
March 20-23rd
Aline Smithson
©Aline Smithson
I am thrilled to be teaching again in Santa Fe.  It is truly a magical time of year and a wonderful place to take time to focus on your passions. If you haven’t been to the Santa Fe Photo Workshops, they are set on the property of an old monastery, near the foothills. The organization is committed to excellence and your time there will be unparalleled. There is a quiet and a spirituality that makes being with a group of photographers in this setting a very unique experience. 
The Big Picture workshop is a comprehensive experience of learning the ins and outs of fine art arena, and about learning about contemporary image makers that are working in a broad spectrum of photographic genres. My goal is that you leave full of ideas, more savvy with set focused goals, and a vigorous enthusiasm for your future as a photographer.
Making great photographs is sometimes only half the journey. Getting them seen, and seen in the right context, is often the final leg. Photographers interested in exploring fine-art photography on a professional level need to understand the landscape of the fine-art community. 
This four-day workshop explores not only genres and new approaches in contemporary image making, but also how to present your work to the fine-art and documentary markets. I crafted “The Big Picture” to help you find your voice and discover how to package your work, and yourself, in a professional manner. We begin by honing our portfolios with reviews, and learning how to set goals. We construct resumes, bios, and personal statements that explain and enhance our work. Photographic assignments round out the workshop experience. While your assignments take into account the many colorful backdrops afforded by Santa Fe, they are also designed to challenge you to explore new ways of seeing the world. Come unlock new energies, and learn how best to share your vision and creativity with others. Be prepared for a workshop filled with inspiration, fun and self-discovery!  Hope to see you there!
One of my wonderful students from last year, Santiago Vanegas, shared his thoughts on the workshop:
I’ve done a number of photography workshops. They’ve been great. I’ve learned many things that have made me a better photographer. I’ve met wonderful people, and had very memorable experiences. Then came Aline… My experience with her has been on a whole other level. She’s an extraordinary person. Experienced, amazingly talented, honest, humble. Those last two are pivotal. Honesty and humility. Aline is very open about her own challenges, mistakes, and fears. This candid transparency makes for an unusually comfortable environment as a student. With Aline, I know there are no bad questions, and no fears are too big or too small to explore. Nearly all of my own fears, doubts, and questions (big and small) were explored in the classroom. I learned about things that before I was too fearful to ask, or never really got a straight answer from other people. Aline is also a very creative thinker. She thinks outside the box, yet remains grounded in a real world. Since first meeting Aline a few months ago, I’ve gone on to have exhibits in three continents, attended the prestigious Review Santa Fe, featured in PDN, met key photo industry professionals and photographers (with an added confidence and tools to make those meetings effective), increased sales, etc. But best of all, I’ve rediscovered my purpose as a photographer. Before meeting Aline I was a bit disenchanted by my own photography and the industry. Aline helped me find the inner strength, motivation, know-how, and self confidence to move forward in my own unique way. No matter where you are in your photographic career, I highly recommend attending one of Aline’s workshops. Oh… she’s super cool fun too! – Santiago Vanegas

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