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The 2015 Who and What I Love Exhibition


Jerry Downs, Central Park Couple Coupling, New York, NY

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Thank you so much for sharing Who or What you love on this day of celebrating romance, appreciation for your loved ones, and a day of chocolate and red roses. We send a big Valentine to all that submitted and a special box of chocolates to Sarah Stankey who worked so hard to create this exhibition.  There are three pages of photographs, so keep going!


Laura Chenault, Image from La Sonámbula, El Cerrito, CA


Carol Isaak, Katie & Susannah, La Jolla, CA


Bill Yates, Calder & Micaela, Muir Woods, CA


Rebecca Akporiaye, WhoILove, Naples, Italy


Elle Olivia Andersen, My soul sisters, Charleston, SC


Jessica Hines, Pooka, xo, Statesboro, GA


Amy Becker, Tim’s Ideas, Madison, NJ


Carol S Dass, Light, Broadway, United Kingdom


Donna Rosser, Robert, Fayetteville, GA


Norman Borden, My wife, My valentine, New York, NY

Julia Dean

Julia Dean, Untitled, Los Angeles, CA


Adam Finkelston, Summer, Kansas City, MO


Karla Pitts, Cousins, Garland, TX


Michael Sakasegawa, Saturday, San Diego, CA


Hannah Kozak, My Mother and my niece Sarah, Los Angeles, CA


Caroline Chapin Paper Love, Norwell, MA


K.K. DePaul, Chestnut Street, Lancaster, PA


Andrew Lucchesi, Bat-thoven, Austin, TX


James Graves, Stormy Southern Skye, Plant City, FL

monica orozco, los angeles,; 818-634-8892

Monica Orozco, My Familia, Los Angeles, CA


Mary Hockenbery, Fourteen, a little west of Lucas, KS


Amy Rockett-Todd, Whit’s Hair, Tulsa, OK


John DuBois, Penelope at Rest, Sammamish, WA


Rachel Brandt, Wild Child, San Diego, CA


Yvette Meltzer, What do I Love? Everything and Everyone under the Sun and the Moon, Evanston, IL


Anne Berry, McLain, Newnan, GA


Laura Knapp, Bob, Redding, CT


Carol Erb, Big Red Dots, Los Angeles, CA

Kodak Tri-X, Leica M6

John Masters, Number 10, Krakow Poland

First Prize Winner: New Woman Magazine

Loretta Ayeroff, My Daughter Polly, Beverly Hills, CA


Ellen Wallenstein, Gerry and the Land, Sherman, Ct


Sal Taylor Kydd, A Prayer for Roadkill, Deer Isle, ME


Mike Whiteley, Twinkie, Longmont, CO


Vicky Stromee, Soul Sisters, Pecos River Cabin, NM


Wessel Wessels, Joy, Johannesburg, South Africa


Diane Fenster, Pierced Heart, Pacifica, CA


Rebecca Moseman, Twins, Purcellville, VA


Charles Hezsely, Power of Love, St. Paul, MN


Nellie Hester, My People, ID/WY border


Alyssa Minahan, My Sweet Boys, Chestnut Hill, MA


Mariana Bartolomeo, Mo Stuart, Coronado National Forest, AZ


Iakovos Hatzistavrou, Happiness, Nicosia, Cyprus


Emily Alexander, My Sister Christine, Zion National Park, UT


Paula Abreu Pita, Mom and Dad, from the series Waking Up, Brooklyn, NY

Mom's Easter toenails; blanket from Suzanne and Bruce

Rebecca Palmer, Mom’s Party Toes, South Pasadadena, CA


Mary Ann Lynch, Yaddo Artist Retreat, Saratoga Springs, New York


Bryan Regan, Merry Christmas, Raleigh, NC


Patricia Addleman, 4th of July Rose as Valentine Roses, Pacific Grove, CA


Jan Arrigo, Calla Lilly Pair, Ronda, Spain

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