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Jan von Holleben

I’m really tired of Jan von Holleben’s endless creative spirit. I’m really tired of looking at work that is totally unique, full of joy, and fun. I’m really tired of Jan’s enthusiastic e-mails about new work he’s created that seem to come with increasing frequency. But because he continues to keep me amazed and smiling and hopeful about the future of photography, I’ll say it here: He’s one of my favorite photographers in the whole world, and obviously his work leaves me anything but tired. Look for his work at the Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta in October.
Jan burst on the scene with his series, Dreams of Flying, which hit a chord with so many people that the attendance at his show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London was tremendous.
Here are a few favs from Dreams of Flying and a few additional images from other series follow below..

From The Great Masters
The Mondrian

The Dan Flavin

The Van Gogh

From My Army of Monsters (2008)

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