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Kate Pollard

Kate Pollard seems to be the Howard Hughes of the photography world….no functioning website (I found one, but it doesn’t seem to work), and very little on the Internet about her work. But no matter, it’s interesting and intriguing and worth looking at.

“Kate Pollard’s images depict the photographer predominantly within different rooms of the home, but also outside in the broader community. We see this young woman with her family, friends, lovers and also alone. But whether alone or within a group, the camera doesn’t capture Ms. Pollard’s engagement, but rather illustrates her observance, deliberation and anxiety.

Ms. Pollard’s series provides an intimate view of a young woman confronted by a myriad of choices in the contemporary world. We’re offered an eloquent visualization of both the excitement of and respect for the richness of her opportunities, and the thoughtfulness and solicitude in choosing among these options. “This Woman’s Movement” further layers this nuanced portrait by also reflecting on the emotionally rich life of marriage, home and children enjoyed by mother and grandmother and the viability of continuing that lineage while pursuing alternatives yearned for by earlier generations.”

Her constructed images offer metaphorically rich imagery of a thoughtful woman deeply contemplating her young adult years. By presenting this intimately personal view of her inner thoughts, hopes and anxiety, Ms. Pollard’s work expands to become the signifier for woman of her generation. Like a well crafted film, by offering constructs representative of everyday lives, we suspend disbelief to feel the full emotional statement of her most fantastical image.”

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