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Alexander von Reiswitz

Spanish born photographer and architect, Alexander von Reiswitz, lives in Berlin and has many bodies of wonderful work.

Images below are from three series. His unique relationship with the natural world is revealed in Zoogeltalten, with images taken at the Berlin Zoo, and Animal Stars where images were taken in animal training schools across Germany. Using glamour lighting and a medium format camera to create animal celebrities, what he actually seems to capture is the soul of the animal. The results are compelling and fascinating. Alexander found that animals give out a lot of energy. “They can change you even if it’s only for a few hours.”

The third series is an on going body of work titled the The Family Consellation Project (2005-2010) For this project, Alexander arranges people on the street in order to shoot family pictures. The “models”, total strangers to each other, have only one thing in common: They passed by when the photographer tried to “form” a family. The Family Constellation Project translates the randomness of life into pictures.

Images from Zoogeltalten

Images from Animal Stars

Images from Family Constellation Project

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