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Joe Fig

When I first explored Joe Fig’s project, Inside the Painter’s Studio, I thought he had beautifully photographed studios of famous painters. Had I slowed down my enthusiasm, the inclusion of Matisse and Van Gogh would have been a tip off that these were more than just photographs, but amazingly detailed constructions of artist’s in their studios. Born in Seaford, NY, Joe recieved his BFA and MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and has a long exhibition and publications roster. His work is currently on view in the show Otherworldy at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York that runs from June 7th – September 18th, 2011. His work is also on exhibition in By the Sea at Cristin Tierney in New York. He is represented by Cristin Tierney in New York and Carroll and Sons in Boston.

Inside the Painter’s Studio was published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2009. In the book, Joe explores” the real day-to-day practicalities of 24 leading contemporary artists and includes interviews along with photographs and images of his sculptures that document artists studio spaces and offers insight into the creative process.”

Chuck Close: Summer 2004 # 1, 2007

Malcolm Morley 2007, 2008

Ross Bleckner 2007, 2007

Brancusi 1928

Sometimes I’m Afraid of Yellow (Willem de Kooning 1984) II, 2001

Inka Essenhigh 2003, 2003

Eric Fischl 2004, 2006

April Gornik 2004, 2006

Jack the Dripper, 2006

Line, Color, Form (Henri Mattise 1950), 2001

Who’s Afraid of Barney (Barnett Newman #2), 2008

Pollock (Jackson Pollock 1950) #1

Matthew Ritchie 2003, 2006

Dear Vincent, 2001

Self Portrait (Joe Fig) 2007, 2007

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