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Edited by Russell Joslin: Black Forest

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Editor Russell Joslin, publisher of SHOTS magazine,  has created a compilation of uniquely captured images that he refers to as “subterranean beauty.” Black Forest has recently been released  by Candela Books and reflects a  collection of photographs from over 50 contemporary, internationally-renowned photographers, including Roger Ballen, Arthur Tress, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Elijah Gowin, Louviere + Vanessa, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Irina Ionesco, Julie Blackmon, Joel-Peter Witkin, Jane Evelyn Atwood and Gilles Berquet.  Candela Gallery is presenting an exhibition from November 7 – December 20, 2014, which will coincide with the Black Forest book release and feature 27 photographs from 17 contributors chosen from the book’s pages.

Darkly atmospheric sequences of surrealistic photographs become a metaphor for the unconscious and other covert corners of the psyche. Suggesting loose, intuitive relationships among the works of the included photographers, Joslin creates four distinct visual narratives associated in tone, emotion and formal structure, while still offering plenty of space for his readers and viewers to render for themselves the infinite possibilities of meaning.

Black Forest is complimented by the strange and beautiful design of Jeff Louviere, who, along with his wife and collaborator Vanessa Brown, is one of the contributing artists to this dark and engaging photography book.

Russell Joslin has been the Editor & Publisher of SHOTS Magazine the past fourteen years. SHOTS is an independent, reader-supported quarterly journal of fine art photography that reaches an international audience. Black Forest demonstrates his distinct editing style, with a special emphasis on sequence and narrative tone. In addition to his publishing background, Joslin has exhibited his photographs in many galleries and publications worldwide for some twenty years. Most recently, his photographs were featured in EYEMAZING (2012) and at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale (2013). Joslin lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Black Forest is his first book.

from the book, Black Forest ©Tono Stano

The Black Forest book release and exhibition opening event, a Subterranean Carnival Prom will take place on Saturday, November 8th at 7pm, featuring the live funk-soul and performance artistry of NRG KRYSYS. More info to come!


from the book, Black Forest ©Tom Chambers


from the book, Black Forest ©Schilte&Portielje


from the book, Black Forest ©Rimma Gerlovina & Very Gerlovin


from the book, Black Forest ©Matthieu Brouillard


from the book, Black Forest ©Louviere&Vanessa

Lauren.E.Simonutti.Cornered, 2011

from the book, Black Forest ©Lauren E. Simonutti


from the book, Black Forest ©Kahn&Selsnick


from the book, Black Forest ©Jane Evelyn Atwood


from the book, Black Forest ©Irina Ionesco

from the book, Black Forest ©Gilles Berquet


from the book, Black Forest ©Elijah Gowin


from the book, Black Forest ©Carol Golemboski


from the book, Black Forest ©Arthur Tress


from the book, Black Forest ©Arno Rafel Minkkinen

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