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Vicky Slater

I discovered Vicky Slater’s work on the Filmwasters site, a site started by 5 photographers: Susan Burnstine, Damion Rice, Mark Skorji, Leon Taylor and Ed Wenn, who are devoted to analog photography. One of Vicky’s portraits jumped out at me and made me want to see more. Vicky hails from Salisbury in the UK and she has a houseful of daughters to use as models. She has a number of series on her website, but I found wonderful portraits on her blog. Vicky began taking pictures 5 years ago when she received a digital camera for Christmas, but after discovering a Yashicamat TLR and the world of film, she felt like her photographs made sense.

I like people, I like how we decorate/present ourselves, how we hold ourselves, I like how we look naked, I like how we’re all the same (but not)….

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