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Philippe Spigolon

French photographer, Philippe Spigolon, is a typologist at heart. The majority of his projects reflect a life of daily observations, observations of simple and sometimes insignificant objects. His focused attention of these objects reflect what he sees on his way to work and what he sees in the hospital where he spends his days. I’m featuring three of his many projects.

I live in Albi where I was born (in 1965) in the south from France. I travel little and I don’t go far from my house; my work explores my daily environment… which is inexhaustible.

Images from Punch
The series features photographs of gutters domaged by punches …
Given by whom ? why ?
Invisible vandalism , except for the owner , the plumber-tinsmith of the district … and the conceptual photographer !

Images from Nurses 2009
10 or 15 years ago all French hospital nurses wore discrete white shoes . Today , fantasy is here .
The series paints a portrait of the nursing profession through various types of shoes used in 2009 .
It is also a reflection on hygiene : we are in a place regularly presented as completely sanitized – what about nurses shoes ?

Images from Lost Cats
The lost cats are numerous in my neighborhood …

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