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Heather Oeklaus

I featured Heather Oeklaus’ wonderful and quirky work on Lenscratch last year.

Heather has a new project and a new way of working with her series, Leftovers. This project is currently on display at the PPCC Downtown Studio Art Gallery in Colorado Springs as part of the “MENDINGS: Tikun Olam” exhibition through April 15.

Leftovers is a current body of work wherein I utilize the Lumen technique, also known as photogenic drawing. The Lumen process dates back to the 1840’s and I have become infatuated with this cameraless photography.

Angel Food

By placing food items on black and white photographic paper and exposing it for a day and sometimes months to UV light, certain magic to happens.

Bow Tie

Once the food is lifted off the paper, the unique leftover impression of the food creates an image that transforms the previous notion of the object. What has decayed has become new and I believe very beautiful.




Meat Medley





Tea Bags


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