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2011 LENSCRATCH Visual Pranks and Puns Exhibition

Bea Fresno, Pebble beach Bum, Costa Brava

I think we all need to laugh, to see the world with humor, and appreciate those split second juxtapositions that are everywhere if you look hard enough. A couple of years ago, JPG Magazine had a call for images of Pranks. It got me thinking about making visual pranks and came up with this image:

Aline Smithson, Laying Eggs

Shortly after, I discovered it featured on a German blog, with a description of how repulsive it was, and I knew I had done my job….and that they didn’t have a sense of humor!

I’m so glad that everyone who submitted does…Thank you to all the photographers that DO know how to laugh, how to see humor in the world and in themselves.


Ken Rosenthal, South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Linda Morrow, My life as a Succulent, Naples in Long Beach, CA

Kerry Rowand, Untitled, Motel Room, Villas, New Jersey

Patricia Lay-Dorsey, Grandma’s Rocking Chair, Detroit, MI

Joseph Brunjes, Dead End, Wilmington, NC

Peter Neill, Rocket – From the series, ‘The Fantastic Journey’, Ireland

Peter Combe, canT afFORD, (TOM FORD), 2011

A. Scott Britton, Fallout, from the ongoing series “Let Them Eat Cake”, Washington, DC

Diane Cockerill, Crapi Apartments, Overland Avenue, West Los Angeles, CA

Jerry Downs, Portrait of the Artist, Corte Madera, CA

Emma Powell, Instant Messenger Pigeon, Middlebury, VT

Alison Overton, Joke Glasses, Penland, NC

Lori Bell, The Russian Hat, Weatherford,TX

Michelle Kathleen Anderson, Ringworm, Chicago, IL

Samantha Watkins, Postage Dew, Victoria BC

Joanna Black, In Plane Sight, The Egyptian Room, National Museum of Scotland

Robbie Kaye, Up or Down, Los Angeles, CA

David Cory, Freeze, South Bend, IN

Jim Marx, Normal No More, Los Angeles, CA

Marietta Van Buhler, “Washed Up”, Ann Arbor, MI (backyard)

Dara McGrath, Liskova German-Czech Border, Liskova German-Czech Border Nov 2010

Laurie McCormick, Eat Your Vegetables, Laurie’s Kitchen, Brentwood, CA

Susanna Corcoran, Lashious, Oakland, California

Bruce Morton, Outdoor Lighting, Warsaw, IL

Larry Torno, Giraffe and a Half, St. Louis, MO

Neil DaCosta, 50, the means streets of Portland, OR

Mitchell Hartman, Attack of the Killer Taxis, NYC

Mitchell Hartman, A Tourist in New York, NYC

Jack Simon, Leaving Japan, Reflection onto window facing tarmac at Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan. November, 2008

Barry W Hughes, Health Centre, 2009, Kildare, Ireland

Emanuela Franchini, Vacuum Attack, self portrait, London

David Ranc, “Cul de Sac Berthaud”, Paris, France

Neil Phillips, “F U”, Los Angeles, CA

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