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2011 LENSCRATCH Back to School Exhibition

Just the process of uploading these school-themed photos brought back a flood of memories from this time of year, when Back-to-School was a stew of angst, dread, excitement, and most importantly, worry over what to wear to the first day of school. Living in California, I would pour over the September issue of Seventeen Magazine, pining for a wool plaid pleated skirt and crew neck sweater, for boots, and a cute jacket, but instead, we had to wear something cool, as September was always the hottest month and there was no wool in the cards for us Angelenos, ever.

Thanks to all of you who shared your school related images and helped mark this annual migration back into the classroom. I am starting off with Linda Alterwitz’s contribution, My Report Card, the dreaded item that haunts us throughout our educational journey.

Linda Alterwitz, My Report Card, Gary, IN

Davide Maione, Supreme Youth, London

Nancy Baron, Free Lunch, Hollywood, CA

Bruce Morton, Gymnasium – Plymouth, IL – basketball, Plymouth, IL

Stella S. Lee, Lunch Tray, Nelsonville, OH

Domenico Foschi, Whittier, CA 2010

Eleonora Ronconi, School in Hue, Hue, Vietnam

Nataly Radar, Kinder Days,2010 – 11 School year, Pali elementary, Pacific Palisades, CA

Catherine Jones, Classroom, Toronto, ON, Canada

Laurie McCormick, Pledge Allegiance, Brentwood, CA

Laura Burlton, Not a Dunce, Houston, TX

Russell duPont, Thirteen, Sharon, MA

David Ranc, Sport sessions, Henley, England, United Kingdom

Eyakem Gulilat, From the series The promise Land, Boley, OK

Aubrey Lynch, Routine and Rhythm, Knowlton Hall at Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Cate McRae, from First Days at School 2003, Penwortham Primary School, South London, UK

Dave Jordano, Black History Month, Detroit, MI

Winky Lewis, Lo with Goggles, Waynflete School, Portland, ME

Stacie Turner, Books, Old Chicken Barn, Ellsworth, ME

Jane Gottlieb, Cross Your ankles!, My 6th grade graduating class picture – 1958, University Elementary School at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Kristy Carpenter, Spelling Words, Bronson, MI

Tom M Johnson, 20, Lakewood, CA

Deborah Parkin, Playtime, UK

Marina Font, Daydreaming, Miami Beach, FL

Ken Rosenthal, Seen and Not Seen #1138-1

Cynthia Wood, Coachella Valley Unified, Desert Shores, CA (Salton Sea)

Dennis Hodges, Schoolmaster, Mzuzu, Malawi, Mzuzu, Malawi

Paris Visone, Summer ’11 Class #1, Boston, MA

Bianca Dorso, School House Flag, 100 miles north east of Las Vegas, NV

Carolyn Hampton, Defense Summation in the Trial of the Big Bad Wolf (2nd Grade), Los Angeles, CA

Jamie Johnson, School Boy in Cuba, Cuba

Deborah Yun, Summer Daze, Palo Alto, CA

Aline Smithson, Henry in the elementary years, Los Angeles, CA

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